Two Very Rotten Islamic-Condoning Peas In One Campaign Pod

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots

peas cover“Ultimately, this is a ticket that represents one thing: four more years like the last eight, just with more corruption and scandal….”  – Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus

Let’s be honest here…Hillary Clinton wanted uber liberal HUD Secretary Julian Castro as her running mate and Julian Castro wanted desperately to be her running mate, something he most likely was slated to be. Young, dynamic, and most importantly Hispanic, Castro was the perfect foil to bring in the Hispanic and millennial vote…something Hillary can’t seem to do. But then he went and committed a big no-no when he violated the Hatch Act…an act prohibiting federal employees from engaging in political activity while in their administrative role. And this Julian Castro most assuredly did when in an April 2016 interview with Katie Couric, Castro said he was supporting Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations while discussing HUD programs in his official capacity.

peas castro for vpSo out goes “crushed and disappointed”…his words not mine…Julian Castro…as it was obvious even to Hillary that she could ill-afford having someone on her ticket who was involved in yet another political scandal. And Castro’s words…excuses actually…about Hillary needing someone with foreign policy experience as VP because of ongoing ISIS and other terrorist threats is truly complete and utter nonsense, because if this was so important to Hillary and her minions why on day one of the Democratic National Convention, a day complete with 61 speakers, did not one speaker have the words ‘ISIS’ or ‘islamic terrorism’ cross their lips.

So with Julian Castro out of the picture let’s talk about the real reasons why Virginia Senator Tim Kaine was tapped as Hillary’s VP running mate. First, with Kaine speaking perfect Spanish coupled with his pro-immigration stance Hillary sees him as a plus when playing to the large Hispanic populations in the must-win states of Florida and California and second, but actually most importantly, Hillary can control him and what he says and does for Tim Kaine is truly a Clinton compadre in her muslim love-fest and is a man who will work together with her to push forward her and Obama’s pro-islamic, muslim placating agenda.

peas esamLet me explain.

Tim Kaine, like Hillary Clinton, is most definitely an islamist-condoner if not an outright supporter and who like Hillary’s muslim BFF Huma Abedin, Kaine also has direct ties to the Muslim Brotherhood…I can say it no more directly and to the point than that. First case in point…in 2007 when Kaine was governor of Virginia he appointed Libyan-born physician and devout muslim Esam Omeish…the Hamas supporting president of the ‘Muslim American Society’ (MAS) who to this day calls its critics “Islamophobes”…to Virginia’s Immigration Commission.

Now add in that in 2008, federal prosecutors cited in court documents that said society was “founded as the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America,” while at the same time Dr. Mamdouh Mohamed, Educational Adviser for American Open University, unequivocally stated that MAS actually is the Muslim Brotherhood. And both these facts Kaine had to know before he appointed MAS President Omeish, because in 1994 a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood document…written by the Palestinian Committee (a ‘supposedly’ secret part of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood set up to promote and advance the Hamas agenda)…was circulated outlining just how the Muslim Brotherhood was using MAS to prevent the building of ties between Muslim-American leaders and Zionist organizations.

peas esam2And how do we know that…a little background information on Esam Omeish tells it all…background information Tim Kaine had to have come across when he ‘supposedly’ was vetting Omeish before appointing him. First, Omeish, who for two years served on the national board of the ‘Islamic Society of North America’ (ISNA) an organization which the DOJ labeled a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood entity, helped found and served as president of Georgetown University’s first chapter of the ‘Muslim Students Association’ (MSA) and chaired the MSA Council for the Washington, D.C. area while still a Georgetown student…meaning Kaine knew well before appointing him that Omeish had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood as the Muslim Brotherhood never hid the fact that they were behind the founding of the MSA nor the ISNA.

Second, Esam Omeish was a former vice president of the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center, a radical mosque known for its ties to terrorism and was the very mosque that was frequented by two of the 9/11 hijackers and by Nidal Malik Hasan of Fort Hood infamy. And while serving on its Board of Directors, Omeish helped push for Anwar al-Awlaki to become the mosque’s imam. And if that name sounds familiar it’s because Anwar al-Awlaki was the very man who was part of al-Qaeda in Yemen and who became not only their English language go-between, but their principle bomb making teacher who also divvied out monies for missions in addition to instructing al-Qaeda members on how to carry out all manner of suicide attacks.

esam3And still Kaine appointed him but ended up with ‘political egg’ on his face when Esam Omeish…who had directly shown extremist allegiances before Kaine appointed him by claiming that the Muslim Brotherhood is “moderate” and admitted that he and MAS were influenced by the islamist movement as well as publicly criticizing both Israel and the U.S. government as he encouraged and justified jihad, only then was Kaine forced to remove Omeish from his position in 2008. And not learning his lesson with Omeish, Kaine’s islamic-condoning ties continued on unabated as Kaine himself served for two years on the national board of the ‘Islamic Society of North America’ (ISNA)…a known tentacle of the Muslim Brotherhood as well as their being an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas-financing trial.

Nice huh…and it gets even worse for like always all we have to do is follow the money trail to see the truth as fact.

peas kaine as muslimAnd it’s that very money trail that shows Tim Kaine’s direct ties to radical islamist groups. For example, when Kaine was running for governor, the ‘New Dominion PAC’ (an Arab-American political action committee with deep ties to the Virginia Democratic Party as in giving almost $257,000 in donations to them) donated $43,050 between the years 2003 to 2005 to Kaine’s gubernatorial campaign. And Kaine’s campaign also received monies from the above stated Muslim Brotherhood backed ‘Islamic Society of North America’ (ISNA) as well as from the ‘Council on American-Islamic Relations’ (CAIR)… and we all know what CAIR is all about.

peas jamalSo when Kaine was asked by the very same ‘New Dominion PAC’…whose slogan is we are the “voice for Arab Americans in Virginia”…to speak on behalf of one of their own he was more than happy to comply…monies donated do talk and command after all. And so on September 25, 2011, Tim Kaine spoke at a Candidates Night event organized by said PAC, where he presented Jamal Barzinji…the very man whom the ‘Global Muslim Brotherhood Watch’ described as a “founding father of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood”…with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Some award as Barzinji gave $10,000 to the very PAC who donated to Kaine’s gubernatorial campaign, and he did so through his connections to the ‘International Institute of Islamic Thought’ (IIIT), yet another one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s many ‘front groups.’

And Tim Kaine knew all this before speaking and yet he still chose to speak.

peas bibi use this one onlyAnd Tim Kaine’s islamic-condoning continues on to this day even as he sits on the ‘Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on the Middle East, Central Asia and Terrorism’…even as he claims to be what he says is a ‘champion for Israel’ but which he sadly is not.  How so…Kaine did not attend Bibi Netanyahu’s March 2015 (amazing) speech to Congress, citing what he believed to be Netanyahu’s political motivations for delivering it right before the Israeli elections as the reason why…a reason proven to be totally false. And just this past March, Kaine and 26 fellow senators, signed a letter strongly ‘urging’ Obama to continue his support and demand for a two-state solution in regards to the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

peas hillary and kaineSo, now that Tim Kaine’s ties to radical islamist groups have been ‘outed,’ one has to wonder why in this day and age of escalating islamic terrorism did Hillary Clinton pick as her running mate a man who both knew, looked away to, and accepted monies from those whose main goal is to kill us all. The answer to that is quite simple for Hillary needed a compadre in her muslim love-fest…a compadre who would not oppose her islamic agenda and with Tim Kaine’s ties to Islamic groups he fits the bill quite well. And with his having a smattering of monies changing hands…not unlike the Clinton Foundation accepting monies from Arab countries that don’t like us very much…albeit on a much smaller scale…Tim Kaine became the logical and only choice after socialist leaning Julian Castro’s slip of the tongue eliminated him from the position he so coveted.

peas kaine in senateBut you must also know that the ‘compadreship’ between Tim Kaine and Hillary Clinton do not end just with their all-important islamic ties, but amongst other things extends into the actual whelm of governing. Case in point, when Hillary did not a thing of substance as a New York senator, Kaine did nothing in the Senate as well for he sponsored no bills that were passed into law. And Kaine like Hillary is nothing but a political whore, if you will, for Kaine admitted that he only ran for Lt. Governor of Virginia because it offered him a better opportunity and chance to become governor, quite similar to what Hillary did when running as a carpetbagger candidate for New York’s senate seat solely to lay the groundwork for her presidential runs.

And Kaine supported Obama’s very bad Iranian nuclear deal which mirrors his and Hillary’s pro-Palestinian stance. And while gun owner Kaine ‘sort of’ supports our Second Amendment rights, he like Hillary wants to expand background checks for firearms purchases as well as imposing restrictions on the sale of combat-style weapons and high-capacity magazines…a watering down of our very Second Amendment rights he claims to support.

peas last picAlso, Tim Kaine voted against the Keystone Pipe Line yet voted for and continues to support both the monstrosity commonly known as ObamaCare as well as supporting legal abortion-on-demand…a must when running with Hillary as it plays well to garnering the liberal women’s vote even though hypocrite Kaine claims that he as a Catholic is personally against abortion. Like I said, two very rotten peas in one pod.

peas end picSo whose vote can the Clinton/Kaine ticket count on…the uber far left of course, the total of the muslim vote and the majority (but not all) of the black vote…that is as long as the promise of ‘free stuff’ remains in place for the ‘you owe me’ folks in both groups. The Hispanic vote is a toss-up depending on which Hispanic population the ticket chooses to pander to…but the always important dead vote is a given, as is those who vote multiple times, along with those who are harassed and threatened by groups like the New Black Panthers and/or Black Lives Matter into voting for who they say they must vote for.

But when all is said and done, the reality is that if Hillary Clinton…the socialist, islamic-condoning, murdering, traitorous bitch forever to be known as the ‘Butcher of Benghazi’… together with her fellow islamic-condoning, liberal and oh so progressive running mate Tim Kaine is elected to the two highest offices in our land, we will indeed be faced with yet another four years of corruption and scandals, coupled with sharia law slowly but steadily encroaching upon our beloved Constitution…and when and if that happens I will angrily tell you, ‘I told you so.’

A Truly Hard Decision But My Clothespin Is Ready

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots

Donald Trump has chosen a Vice Presidential running mate and it’s Indiana Governor Mike Pence…a choice that will not draw many #nevertrump folks to his camp simply because the man who claims one of his greatest assets is that he’s not a career politician has now chosen a career politician as his running mate.

And this proves once again just what a self-serving hypocrite Donald Trump really is and yet, sadly, I will now have to put a literal clothespin on my nose and vote for him because the alternative…the now and forever to be know as the ‘Butcher of Benghazi’…is far worse.

And a career politician puts it mildly as Mike Pence…yet another lawyer…entered the political arena in 1988 at age 29…he’s 57 now…when he first ran against and lost to Democratic Congressman Philip Sharp. Losing again to Sharp in a second go round, Pence finally won in 2000, and served six terms in the House. Becoming governor in 2012 after incumbent Republican Governor Mitch Daniels was term-limited out, Pence has been in politics non-stop for almost 30 years…the consummate career politician…albeit one many in Congress like and speak highly of.

A career politician and quite the hypocrite himself as Mike Pence was a Ted Cruz supporter during primary season and is a man who continues to disagree with Trump on certain key issues. And while those disagreements might just be his saving grace as far as some conservatives are concerned, it does take a hypocrite to surrender one’s core beliefs for a political position. And so Mike Pence has now hitched himself to a man who when he loses…and I still do believe that Trump was put into the race to assure a Hillary win…will see his own political career come crashing to a screeching halt.

But no matter for I will now have to put that clothespin on my nose and vote Trump/Pence as the alternative…Ms. ‘What Difference Does It Make’ and her most probable oh so vile running mate Julian Castro…is far and away worse.

Hmmm…I wonder if I still have the clothespin hanging around that I used when voting for the McCain/Palin ticket back in 2008.

So why did Trump pick Mike Pence, the very man who, like I said, has not and still does not see eye to eye with him on certain key issues. Why pick a man who takes a more hard line position on religious freedom and abortion than he does. Why…I believe it’s because Trump somehow thinks that Pence can deliver the Mid-West to him…something I seriously doubt will happen as Pence was likely going to lose his re-election bid for governor. And lest we forget that Donald Trump and Mike Pence are also to some degree compadres in hypocrisy…something Trump and his blind followers see as serving their ticket well.

And as a side note here’s a little bit of advice about serving their ticket well…the Trump/Pence TP logo serious doesn’t cut it and for obvious ‘potty humor’ reasons…and this election is anything but humorous…just saying.

And now for the differences between the two men with number one being that last December 8th, the very day that Trump spoke of banning all muslims from entering this country, Pence said in a tweet and I quote, “Calls to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. are offensive and unconstitutional.” And while I totally disagree with Pence’s words, as I believe all muslims must be banned from entering our country, the hypocrisy in Pence’s words… ”offensive and unconstitutional” were that they were meant for every other state but not his home state because he directed Indiana state agencies to suspend a resettlement policy that would have allowed Syrian refugees to settle in his state…which a federal judge ruled “clearly discriminates” against refugees from a particular country.

So I guess in Mike Pence’s mind, what’s good for the goose…the other 49 states…is not good for the gander…as in Indiana…and yet I have the clothespin ready for resettlement hypocrisy aside, Mike Pence does seem to understand the dangers islam and its followers pose to America.

And that is the one thing…probably the only thing…I have always agreed with Trump on…as in muslims are not conducive to the fabric of our American society and that all muslim immigration to America must stop. Yet now Trump’s hypocrisy shows in the fact that he has ‘walked back’ on his original statement that all muslim refugees must be banned from entering the U.S. to just “temporarily banning” muslims from ‘certain’ countries alone. And this most assuredly means not banning those muslim refugees from the Arab countries he has high stakes business deals with.

Maybe I’ll need a whole row of clothespins to pull that lever but pull it I still will.

And speaking of business, while we all know that Trump is most vehemently opposed to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) calling it “disastrous…terrible…and a continuing rape of our country by special interests”…his continuing to spew words such as this could very well start a nasty trade war. Mike Pence, on the other hand, did support and still continues to support TPP as do I and many others. Another saving grace for Mike Pence, as far as I’m concerned, is that he voted for “swift adoption” of TPP saying back in September 2014 that, “Trade means jobs, but trade also means security.” And you know what…he’s right…as those you have ‘friendly’ trade with will usually…but not always…be hesitant to jeopardize said trade over issues that can hurt their country’s pocketbook.

So, has Mike Pence become to Donald Trump what Sarah Palin was to John McCain…meaning some will only vote for Trump because of Mike Pence as some only voted for McCain because of Sarah Palin…could be. But look at how that scenario has unfolded as McCain, after losing to Obama, became the personification of the word ‘RINO’ and once relevant Sarah Palin seems to have gone off the deep end as witnessed by some of her recent appearances. And I was a big fan of Sarah Palin but no more, because in her ‘sucking up’ to Donald Trump she has fallen so far from her once true conservative political base.

And still I keep telling myself…actually I still keep trying to convince myself…that Mike Pence aside…no matter that his more conservative positions on certain key issues do have a certain appeal to the more hard line Republicans and far right conservatives among us…there remains no tangible option but to vote for a man whose life-long Democratic policies and positions I so despise.

But back to the differences between the two most unlikely of running mates…differences that even include the social issues. For starters, Mike Pence wants to make abortion illegal even in cases of rape and incest…something I again disagree with him on…and he even co-sponsored a controversial proposal back in 2011 to redefine rape cases connected to abortion laws as what he called “forcible rape.” His thinking in that is clearly something to be questioned as Trump supports…and so do I…abortion in cases of rape, incest, and when the life of the mother is in jeopardy if a pregnancy continues.

Oh dear, I guess that means I agree (gag) with Trump on two not one of his stances…and possibly even on three for while Mike Pence wants a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage, Donald Trump has said not a word to that affect. And while he says…at least he’s saying it now for political expediency as he plays to the masses…that marriage is solely between one man and one women…he has not come out and condemned same-sex marriage…something I also will never do…as he seems to recognize the fact that this is an issue that belongs to the states alone.

And the last major difference between the two men is their approach to foreign policy regarding the war in Iraq. Mike Pence voted to authorize the war in Iraq while Donald Trump claims he opposed the war right from the start…something that remains in question to this day. But at this point in time that is an issue of semantics that really does not matter anymore as the war we now face comes in the guise of ISIS not in the guise of the now long dead Saddam Hussein.

And it’s ISIS and all the recent acts of islamic terrorism carried out both here on American soil and in countries abroad…all carried out in the name of allah…allah the most unholy…that has been the deciding factor in my hard fought decision of whether to stay true to my long-held gut feeling and belief that Donald Trump is not the man now nor has he ever been the man to beat Hillary Clinton. And the addition of Mike Pence to the ticket does not alter that fact for Mike Pence will most likely not unite the ticket but might split it even more as the last thing needed to show unity…to show and reflect the changing face of the Republican voter…was the addition of yet another wealthy white middle-aged man to the ticket.

And as a proud member of #nevertrump…a movement I one hundred percent still support…this decision is tearing me up inside, but when I look at the pictures of the recent carnage in Nice, France and when tears came to my eyes when I posted a memorial picture honoring our two American dead…Sean Copeland and his 11-year old son Brody…I realized that a Hillary Clinton presidency will allow these acts of savagery to continue. And so I have to gamble that a Trump presidency will not for one thing I do believe is that Donald Trump is not a traitor while I know in my heart that a traitor is indeed what Hillary Clinton is.

So while I will not endorse the Trump/Pence ticket nor will I actively work to promote it, I will not work against it…but if asked I will say I am voting for it. Nor will I speak out against those folks in #nevertrump nor against Kendal Unruh and the #freethedelegates and the #delegatesunbound movement for my true beliefs and my conscience remains with them and what they stand for, and tried so very hard to do.

And regarding the delegates themselves…something most have forgotten is that we are not a democracy…we are a republic with a representative form of government which translates into delegates and those we elected to make decisions for us. But due to the above stated recent events in Nice, France coupled with the fact that even if the delegates are unbound the numbers still aren’t there to stop Trump, common sense now tells me that common sense itself has lost out to the emotions of the (sometimes rightfully) angry masses, and that as World War III now appears to be on America’s doorstep we must unite together to deal with that first and let 2020 sort the whole assorted mess out.

So I’ve got my clothespin ready…as do millions of others including my candidate of choice Marco Rubio…to do what I nor they never wanted or expected to do but know we must do… unite behind Donald Trump…for no third party candidate is a tangible option nor has even a remote chance of winning against the Clinton machine and its promises of ‘free stuff.’

And now, just like my Right Side Patriots Partner and friend Craig Andresen also knows, our consciences must sadly be relegated to the back burner for we know and accept as fact that the Hillary Clinton alternative truly is a hell of a lot worse…not that either one of us were ever going to vote for her…worse for both our beloved America and for the world as well.…

Tears for France…Again

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots

france1The horrific events that unfolded just a mere day ago in Nice, France during Bastille Day celebrations, must be laid at the feet of Barack HUSSEIN Obama…the very man who by his still refusing to even say the word ‘islamic’ when referring to recent terrorist attacks…has shown the world that his deliberate inactions in stopping these savages has most assuredly allowed acts like this to continue.

And now more than ever these acts must simply be recognized and called what they are, as in ‘islamic terrorism,’ for no longer must the word ’radical’ be attached to islam, for like Turkey’s Prime Minister Recip Erdogen said when commenting on the term ‘moderate islam,’ “These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

In other words even what is currently called ‘radical islam’ is islam…period.

france7And now the time has truly come for recognizing that islam is indeed nothing but a savage cult of death, and the sooner we in the civilized world recognize the enemy for who they are…islam…the entirety of islam…the sooner our streets will stop flowing red with the blood of innocents. And it’s time that we civilized men everywhere recognize and accept that islam has no place at all in the fabric of any western society, let alone our American society, for the basis of islam lies in subjugation and blood as the very (un)holy book upon which islam is based…the qur’an…calls for its followers to kill by any means possible those who do not believe.

france 8 use this oneDo I sound hateful…do I sound angry…you’re damn right I do…you’re damn right I am…as the death toll in France as I write this has risen to 84 (and is expected to rise even higher) with ten of those dead being young children…including two of our fellow Americans…Sean Copeland, a father from Texas and his 11-year old son Brody…making this act of islamic terrorism an act against America as well. And as pictures and tweets on social media show muslims worldwide, including in our own country, reveling in happiness over the carnage one of their own has once again caused, it brings back memories of their vile kind celebrating on 9/11 as well.

And as with so many times before where, pray tell, are the voices of what still some want to believe are ‘moderate muslims’…their as expected deafening silence once again screams of condoning for by their not outwardly condemning they do so condone.

france replacement photoAnd now some in our country ask the question that if we are to be kept safe here at home from events like that which has for the third time shaken France to its very core, how much of our rights must we give up. Well the answer to that should not even be a question we ask for ‘We the People’ must never give up or be expected to give up any of our rights, but those we question…those we rightfully suspect…must be made to give up all of their rights…rights they should not have been afforded in the first place.

And how can that accomplished…simply by bringing back ‘racial profiling’ and acting accordingly by going into the lairs where they live and breed and then by acting accordingly while still recognizing…but sadly sometimes having to ignore…the laws of civilized men.

france9 dollBut again to even do that, the enemy we must recognize and call out by name is islam and that islam’s followers are muslims. And while ‘muslim’ is not now nor has ever been a race, as any who follow islam no matter the color of their skin are called muslims, the simple fact is that while not all terrorists are muslim all recent acts of terrorism, both here in our country and abroad, have indeed been committed by muslims…committed by muslims in the name of allah…in the name of islam.

france10Committed by muslims and yet…Barack HUSSEIN Obama…our islamic condoning president…our muslim president…still sits back and does basically nothing as attacks of terrorism increase in number both here at home and on a global scale…and these acts are now ever closer together. And in Obama’s trying to label these acts of savagery either ‘workplace violence’ in some cases, the somewhat stronger term ‘hate crimes’ in other cases, or even if the word ‘terrorism’ happens to spew from his lips…Obama still remains ever so careful to dare not say ‘islamic.’ Yet this does nothing to take away from the fact that these attacks were committed by muslims whose loyalties lie with terrorist groups like al-Qaeda and ISIS, terrorists whose mission is driven ever forward by the hateful words laid down in the qur’an and by the words of imams and mullahs ever egging them on.
france11 ambulanceAnd please, dear reader, do not try to ignore the fact that the enemy of which I speak is already here on American soil for acts like just happened in Nice, France have already happened here in America as well just on a smaller scale… the Boston Bombing, San Bernardino, and Orlando are just to name but a few. And if you notice each act perpetrated here at home increases the number of innocents killed… almost as if each act that comes before is but a trial run for the next terrorist act…a preparation of sorts for the ‘big’ one sure to come…and know that it will probably come sooner rather than later.

So the bottom line again is another question, that being ‘are we truly at war’…a tangible war known as World War III? I believe we are and have been since a sunny day 15 years ago this upcoming September 11th. But this war…a war on a global scale…we currently half-heartedly fight as it foolishly remains a war undeclared for the one who stewards America’s ship thinks by not declaring war, war against his brethren does not exist. But know that it does exist and know that we are losing as a small band of barbaric savages has indeed brought the West…brought America…to her for now impotent knees.

france13But it does not have to be so nor does it have to remain that way as the eyes of world continues to look to America…to plead for America…to lead the way to make this nightmare end. But ending the nightmare means being victorious, but before victory can be accomplished it means we have to come full-circle back to naming whom the enemy is…and it is and remains islam…the entirety of islam. And only when that is said…and said for all the world to hear…can we move forward as a united front in what should be a million-man army of allies fighting side by side together to annihilate an enemy comprised of what is really a rag-tag group of ununiformed thugs on their home turf.

And that fighting means not just for show as is Obama’s so-called ‘targeted bombing’ of empty warehouses, long deserted terrorist training camps, and convoys going nowhere, but it means non-stop 24/7 carpet bombing…bombing that sends, once and for all, these barbaric savages back to the 7th century from whence they came. And only when that is accomplished must troops be sent in to ‘take out’ the remaining garbage.

france14And victory also means purging the enemy from the nations of civilized men that they currently reside in…as in rounding them up and deporting them all back to the cesspools of countries they used to call ‘home’ because this is an enemy who is now operating from within the borders of the very countries taking them in…countries whose leaders are blind to the fact that their very inactions are aiding and abetting those actually wanting them dead. And remember, too, that this is an enemy not willing to assimilate into their host county’s society as their job, if you will, is to first bring said host country to its knees and then to bend that country to the will of allah…to the will of islam…complete with the abomination known as sharia law.

So as we stand united and grieve together with the people of France as they once again have to bury their innocent dead, the muslim bastard…the French national from Tunisia…who committed such a horrific act and whose name out of respect for the dead will not cross my lips…I can only hope…I can only pray…that the world will finally wake up and realize both whom the enemy is and who is by his very inactions ‘aiding and abetting’ said enemy, and then send them both…the first one literally and the second one figuratively…straight back to the so-called ‘bowels of hell’ from which they both came.

And all the while the world’s call for political correctness regarding those out to kill us all be damned.

Only By Unbinding The Delegates Can Hillary Be Stopped

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots

free cover use this oneLast week F.B.I. Director James Comey, via a televised news conference, announced that after a year-long investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal no recommendation to indict will be forthcoming from his office. And yet in the next breath he issued stinging comments against Hillary that gave the Republican presumptive nominee, Donald J. Trump, ammunition to argue the case that Hillary had still shown poor judgment that put the security of our nation’s secrets at risk.

But showing poor judgment when the lure of ‘free stuff’ is still out there might not be enough to stop the Clinton juggernaut for the only way to stop Hillary is to have her run against a true Republican…a true conservative…and that would not be Donald J. Trump.

“The convention rules of the Republican Party do not bind delegates to cast their votes according to the results of binding primaries.”  – RNC Council’s Office

And with those words it can now be said that the court case brought by Beau Correll, a Virginia delegate opposed to Trump’s nomination sued to have Virginia’s votes unbound and guess what…he won! So while Virginia does have a law that delegates to the party conventions are bound to cast their votes for the state winner, the Virginia court late Monday afternoon ruled delegates cannot be “compelled by state law” to cast a vote in a particular way.

And this ruling actually reinforced a Supreme Court ruling from almost forty years ago that stated that state laws could not take precedence over national party rules. And their reasoning was that political parties must be free from government control, especially regarding who the party’s nominee would be, the delegate selection itself, and how the delegates could vote.

delegates logoSo with some now surely now saying that the fix is in, the reality to be remembered is that Republicans win elections when they hold true to both their Republican and conservative principals, but Republicans lose elections when they nominate at convention those who masquerade as Republicans but who actually are Democrats in disguise. One case in point being those life-long Democrats who ‘suddenly’ switch parties within just a few years…or less…of announcing their run for office.

And such is the case with reality TV star and presumptive Republican nominee Donald J. Trump, a man who continues to have and to support liberal leaning causes, policies, and candidates while tenuously straddling both sides of the political fence. And straddle the fence Trump does while he backtracks on stances…stances taken to inflame and pander to the masses…masses who voted in the primaries out of anger instead of out of logic, facts, and a closer vetting of the man who wants to be emperor…for Trump’s inflammatory actions and words clearly show that merely being president is not quite good enough for him.
So now knowing the facts as per both the SCOTUS and the Virginia court rulings, the question still to be answered is how do we legally get a true conservative candidate as the nominee to run against Hillary now that Trump has reached the magic 1237 delegate number…as in a nominee who can actually win in November…how…besides the above stated court adjudications we use the Republican Party’s own rules to do so.

And some of those very rules were passed at the 2012 Republican National Convention and they pertained to and expanded upon party rules 14 and 16(b)(1)…rules that governed the election and selection of delegates, and included words to the affect that delegates at the national convention are free to ignore state law…rules beginning with the very words “No state law shall be observed…”

And if that wasn’t enough, Rule 16(b)(1)…a rule which basically also laid out a chain of command so to speak…as in state party rules take precedence over state laws governing the election and selection of delegates, and that national party rules take precedence over both. And this means that the national party does not accept that state laws take precedence over national party rules.

delegates delegates unboundAnd not to be forgotten is that at the 1976 presidential election, out of fear of losing pledged delegates to Ronald Reagan, the Ford campaign forced the adoption of the ‘Justice Resolution’ which amended the convention’s long-standing rule of delegates voting their conscious…voting for whom they so wished…and amended it so that delegates were now bound to cast their votes for the victor in each state’s primary. This resolution, thankfully, was short-lived for at the 1980 convention said resolution was rescinded, thus restoring the right of the delegates to vote as they saw fit.

“The Rules of the Republican Party prohibiting the binding of delegates have not been changed since the 1980 convention.”   – Curly Haugland, Republican National Committeeman for North Dakota

delegates 1976And while 20 states have passed laws…statutes actually…that ‘supposedly’ bind their state’s delegates, these statutes cannot be legally enforced… meaning that Republican delegates at this July’s convention can indeed legally vote their conscious even on first balloting, because to be forced to do otherwise does violate the First Amendment and the simple fact is that it’s the delegates…most especially the ‘super delegates’…who are the ones who ultimately choose the nominee no matter the primary vote.

How so you ask…you need to understand that a political party, no matter its party affiliation, is what’s known legally as a ‘private association’…an ‘association’ whose members come together to further their shared beliefs through what’s known as ‘electoral politics,’ and therefore they have the right to pick ‘their’ representatives of ‘their’ own choosing…representatives who then basically become what’s known as a ‘super delegates.’ And ‘super delegates’ can and do vote for the candidate of their own choosing during any round of balloting including on the first round. And with hundreds of delegates and alternates already having signed online petitions to show their commitment to stopping the phony Republican…Donald J. Trump…from securing the nomination, those numbers can rightfully change the previously assumed outcome of who gets nominated and who does not.

delegates never trumpAnd for those who say that we comprising the #nevertrump movement are trying to steal the nomination away from the man they believe it rightfully belongs to…I say you cannot steal something that no one has yet secured as the convention has not even been held at this point in time, hence not one single delegate vote has been cast yet…so in no way has anything been stolen from anybody…especially from somebody who has done little to nothing to unify the party…period.

And uniting the party is critical especially in going against the Clinton machine yet true conservatives, for the most part, still will not support or vote for Trump. And those elected to public office…those who do hold some sway over constituents opinions…are not rallying around him either, no matter Comey’s report and recommendation, a sure sign that Donald J. Trump will not beat Hillary Clinton in a head-to-head race.

delegates dump trumpAnd the poll numbers as I am writing this do not bode well for Trump either as per the latest July 7th numbers. RealClearPolitics showed Trump now trailing Hillary by 6.3 points. And Pew Research shows Hillary at 51% to Trump’s 42%, a nine point spread. Reuters/Ipsos shows Hillary at 44% to Trump‘s 33%, meaning Hillary is up by 11 points in that poll. And while Rasmussen reports Hillary at 40% to Trump’s 42%, that is well within the margin of error.

POLITICO’s battleground states polling showed Hillary ahead of Trump by 4.3 points, with an Economist/YouGov poll showing Hillary up four points over Trump, 43% to 39%. A CNN/ORC poll showed Hillary at 47% to 42% over Trump with a CNBC poll showing Hillary at 40% to Trump’s 35%. And a Monmouth poll was the worst for we Republicans having Hillary at 49% to Donald Trump’s 41%.

Nationally, an ABC News/Washington Post poll, taken in the last week of June, showed Hillary leading Trump by 12 points, 51% to 39%, being her largest lead in any telephone survey since both candidates became their parties’ presumptive nominees. And while Hillary’s lead in the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll out last Sunday is smaller, coming in at 5 points, the fact is that Hillary has now led consecutively in the past 11 polls conducted by live telephone interviewers.

delegates hillary Ah…the powers of the promises of ‘free stuff’…’free stuff’ we taxpayers are actually paying for.

And while a Quinnipiac University poll, like Rasmussen, shows Hillary up by just 2 points, 42% to 40%…again within the margin of error…it also showed that Hillary was opening up a lead in the key state of Florida, basically now tying Trump in Ohio, and with the numbers also basically tying Trump in Pennsylvania…meaning as she gains Trump loses.

And of critical note is that Trump is trailing Hillary on a number of other key indicators, including candidate favorability, which by the way is not good for either candidate what with a 34% favorability for Trump and 37% favorability rating for Hillary. And it gets worse for both as 58% of American voters say Trump will not be a good president with 53% saying the same about Hillary Clinton.

And when the two leading third party candidates…Libertarian Gary Johnson and the Green Party’s Jill Stein…are added into the mix, Reuters/Ipsos has Hillary at 42% to Trump’s 33% with Johnson at 8% and Stein at 4%, meaning Hillary is at +9 with 39% to Trump’s 37% of the national vote…with both Johnson and Stein (unfortunately) taking votes away from the Republican totals not from the Democrats totals.

delegates fox pollAnd these numbers are even more unsettling as they mirror somewhat the much needed electoral college votes. As per a Thursday, July 7th FOX News report, out of the 270 votes needed to secure the presidency, right now even after the F.B.I. findings, Hillary Clinton still has a solid 227 electoral votes when states considered solidly Democratic and leaning Democratic in the November election are counted to Donald Trump’s 191 electoral votes when states considered solidly Republican and leaning Republican are counted. But with 120 votes still being a toss-up and with more of those toss-up votes leaning Democratic than they are Republican, the outcome with Trump as the nominee does not look good.

And with numbers such as this…numbers that have been pretty consistent over the past few months…numbers that reflect Trump’s not being a true conservative…these are the numbers that gave momentum to the movement to unbind the delegates…delegates who would then be free to choose a true conservative that has a better chance of beating Hillary Clinton.

“We’re not just people who said, ‘We’re disappointed. Our candidate wasn’t nominated…We don’t believe Trump “embodies the Republican Party principles”…We do not see him as being the right person for the Republican candidate, and we also don’t feel that, even if he was nominated, that he would be able to win.” – Regina Thomson, co-founder of Free the Delegates 2016

dellegates convention logoNow for some basic facts about the Republican National Convention itself as it relates to unbinding the delegates. First, from Monday, July 18th through Thursday July21st, 2,472 Republican delegates will attend the convention in Cleveland. Second, it’s the Rules Committee itself that decides on the official guidelines…as in bylaws…that govern…if you will…the convention…with said guidelines having to be ratified…or not ratified…by the delegates present. Third, while most delegates are grassroots party activists who vigorously campaigned to represent their congressional district or their state, there always are a certain number of delegates set aside for so-called ‘party insiders,’ including each state’s party chair and two Republican National Committee (RNC) members. And it’s these 112 committee members who make the rules…the bylaws…that govern the convention and who have the power to change or not change existing rules at the convention…and in the case of Trump hopefully will.

So while the convention can and usually does afford the nominee a bounce in the polls…and Trump needs a convention poll bounce big time as the majority of Republicans are still not in his corner…and with the harsh reality of numbers staring us in the face, the con job perpetrated by the con man on the angry masses continues…a con job that is going as planned…a con job that had Donald J. Trump put into the race to assure a Hillary win. And I stand by my words no matter what those in my party who support Trump have to say.

And the bottom line in all this is….Cleveland here we come!

The Sad Truth Behind Incidents Like Dallas

dallas cover use this oneBy: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots

Let’s start off by saying that it’s true that black lives do matter, but now as a string of horrific events keep unfolding I must say that ‘certain’ black lives matter only with a caveat…a caveat being that only when ‘they’ accept that white lives matter, yellow lives matter, red lives matter, and especially police lives matter…as in all lives matter… will ‘their’ lives matter to me.

And so as ‘they’ continue to whine on and on about slavery that happened years…decades… centuries…before any of us alive today were even born…clearly forgetting that it was their own tribal chiefs who first sold them into slavery…‘they’ also continue to forget that all peoples of all races and religions have been enslaved over the course of history…and with the savagery known as islam some, unfortunately, still are. And ‘they’ forget, too, that for the most part ‘they’ have done nothing to improve their own sorry lot in life as ‘they’ expect us… as in white America…to pay both literally and figuratively for what ‘they’ perceive as the sins of our fathers.

dallas coverAnd who are ‘they’…’they’ are members of hate groups like the Black Lives Matter movement, the Nation of Islam, the Black Liberation Front, and the New Black Panthers to name but a few…members of groups who think they are owed something simply because of the color of their skin…members of groups who feel that if they cannot successfully threaten and get ‘blood-money’ for their again self-perceived sins of the past, that they will get what they feel is owed to them in blood itself…and right now the blood they are after is the blood of America’s police…blood they intend to have flow throughout cities all across America.

Being ceremoniously led by, I believe, the largest group of racists we’ve seen in a long time, with the likes of Barack HUSSEIN Obama, Michelle Obama, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, Elijah Cummings, the anything but ‘Reverend’ Al Sharpton, and maybe the worst of all being Louis Farrakhan, the current leader of the Nation of Islam…a man who continuously spews out that violent retaliation is the only way for American blacks to “rise up” and overthrow their white oppressors…a man ignorant to the fact that the only oppressors of black people are black people themselves…together they all successfully work in tandem to help keep the hate and blood flowing for their own political and monetary gain.

dallas obamaCase in point, it did not take long for Obama to use the ‘Dallas Massacre’ to once again push his gun control agenda as he, true to form, blamed firearms for the massacre, not the perpetrator, for this act of cold-blooded murder. And to me this amounts to yet another act of Obama cowardliness for only a coward would use such a tragedy to try to disarm the American people who now need their firearms…their guns…to help defend and protect themselves and their families like never before.

“We also know when people are armed with powerful weapons; unfortunately, it makes attacks like these more deadly and more tragic. And in the days ahead we’re going to have to consider those realities as well,” were the words spewed out by Obama as he completely ignored the fact that Dallas was a targeted kill of not only police officers but specifically white police officers…a targeted kill by an angry black man who Obama called “demented”…completely sidestepping his color and that he was a follower of some of the worst white-hating groups operating today. More on that in a bit.

dallas officers killedDallas Texas, where during a Black Lives Matter rally five police officers were murdered and seven other police officers were injured as well as were two civilians, now has reports coming in (as I write this) of other shootings of police officers in at least three other states where Black Lives Matter is holding or will be holding rallies or protest marches. And if this isn’t unnerving enough, these facts will add to your unease as so far this year alone 26 police officers have been murdered…and I call it ‘murdered’ as the word ‘killed’ now seems a bit too kind of a word…a number that is 44% higher than this time last year. And that number includes those being murdered in 11 ambushes as compared to the eight ambushes in the entirety of 2015. And we still have roughly half a year to go…a half a year for America’s streets to run red with the blood of those whose job is to ‘serve and protect’…to run red as those in hate groups like Black Lives Matter celebrate the demise of yet, in their misguided minds, another one of their white ‘oppressors.’

And what of this particular piece of garbage who reportedly told police during a standoff that his intent was to kill white people and that more attacks were coming. His name was Micah Xavier Johnson, a 25 year-old Army reservist who served one tour of duty in Afghanistan and who then was shipped back to the U.S. because of serious sexual harassment charges filed against him. And I say his name ‘was’ as Johnson thankfully is now dead at the very hands of those he so relished in killing, thus saving ‘We the People’ decades of him languishing in prison on our taxpayer dime. According to those who knew him, Johnson became “enraged” at the recent killings of blacks by police…typical excuse used by ‘certain’ blacks wishing to do harm no matter that those killed represented, for the most part, the worst of the worst.


dallas killer pic micah johnsonAnd Johnson was a follower of Elijah Muhammad, the Nation of Islam’s founder, as well as being a follower of the current Nation of Islam and whose muslim name was Fahed Hassen …and yes…the Dallas murderer of five police officers was a muslim convert, something the media is not reporting on…and was a man who also supported the actions of white-hating groups like the Black Riders Liberation Party (a black power militia group), the New Black Panther Party, the Black Liberation Front, and the African American Defense League (whose leader Dr. Mauricelm-Lei Millere, immediately after the Dallas massacre said, “We are calling on the gangs across the nation! Attack everything in blue except the mailman, unless he is carrying more than mail.” And Johnson was also sympathetic to if not being an outright supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. Considering himself a black nationalist, Micah Xavier Johnson’s Facebook profile picture showed him wearing a dashiki and holding a clenched first high in the air in the classic Black Panther salute…as I said, the worst of the worst…a racist and a white-hater of the first degree.

And with Johnson’s being a follower of both islamic groups and groups that are nothing but fronts for home-grown terrorist acts, the ‘Dallas Massacre’ now becomes not only an act of murder but an act of terrorism as well, whether Obama and crew like it or not.
What a shining example of the majority of black people…decent, hard-working, law-abiding black people…Micah Xavier Johnson most assuredly was not…and no tears for him or his police-hating racist family will be forthcoming from me. Just see the tweet below put out by his sister to understand what I mean. And yet the tears I do so want to see and the voices I do so want to hear…voices collectively rising up in unison to say ‘no more’…seem to be both dry and eerily silent. And I do mean black voices…America’s majority of black voices who seem silent right now but who must rise up to drown out the voices of hate as well as to condemn the actions of those few whose voices seem to scream the loudest of all.

dallas sister of killer tweetSo why don’t the majority of black voices speak out to condemn groups like Black Lives Matter…an outwardly in-your-face racist and violent hate group that promotes and then relishes in the execution of police officers all while claiming that what they truly want is simple racial justice…simple racial justice my eye as they shout out the infamous words “pigs in a blanket, fry em’ like bacon” each and every chance they get. And why have the leaders of the Democrat Party refused to condemn the movement…can it be as simple as the race card being put into play by Obama’s claim of being America’s first black president (which we know he is not as his mother was one hundred percent white making him America’s first bi-racial president), and that they see his perceived blackness as a victory in and of itself that must be protected for history and therefore must not be sullied in any way.

Can it really be that simple that in the end most blacks will stand by their fellow blacks no matter what they do…no matter what they say?

dallas black youth use this oneUnfortunately, the answer to that appears, at least on the surface, to be yes, because for most blacks in today’s America…especially for inner city black youth and most especially for young black men in the 18 to 35 year old age bracket…the color of their skin trumps everything else. It’s the first thing they think about upon awakening in the morning and the last thing they think about at night before drifting off to sleep. The color of their skin blurs them to the lessons of history and to all the opportunities open to them for instead they have instilled within themselves that not only white America but all America owes them something…that their skin color alone entitles them to have what we have with no work ethic nor drive to better themselves need be. And this mindset has gone on for some generations now and shows no sign of abating as proof being in the likes of one Micah Xavier Johnson who is just one piece of this puzzle of hate now engulfing our nation… hate that can be laid directly at the feet of Barack HUSSEIN Obama who by his very actions, inactions, words, and deeds, has ripped off the scars of long-healing racial wounds.

Barack HUSSEIN Obama has seen more racial hatred surfacing during his presidency than in many decades before him and he is the cause of racism still existing…and rising…in today’s America. Thanks to him and his buddies butting into events they had no business butting into, like the Trayvon Martin case and Ferguson Missouri, racism now thrives due to misconceptions and fears perpetrated by the Obama controlled media…a media that delights in spewing out for public consumption outdated racial stereotypes because to do so drives up their viewership…drives up their ratings…and adds monies to their pockets.

Barack Obama electionAnd lest we forget the one thing that doesn’t lie…numbers. Remember, a whopping 95% of all blacks voted for Obama in 2008 simply because of the color of his skin as they falsely believed that his skin color would allow him to empathize with and understand the problems they as black Americans faced. Boy did they get a rude awakening as their lot in life has worsened under America’s first ‘supposedly’ black president. Take for example the fact that the black poverty rate has gone from 12% when Obama first took office to 16.1% today with 25% of black households living below or just at the poverty level. Now add in that the poverty rate among black children under age 18 increasing to 39% since he took office. And something that must not to be forgotten is that while black males make up just a fifth of the number of white males, black males have committed almost 1,000 more murders than their white male counterparts, again, all while Barack HUSSEIN Obama has been in office.

And here’s a statistic that the ever vile Black Lives Matter movement needs to know, but even if they do know it their actions prove they just do not care…a statistic that shows that of the 509 Americans that have been killed to date by police this year alone, just 123 of those were black…meaning 386 were not black. So why all the yelling by these ‘hate-whitey’ sorts… simply for the free stuff and free pass they think is owed to them, for even with documented numbers showing just how badly the black community as a whole is doing during these almost eight years of Obama, an unbelievable 84+% of all black Americans still think Barack HUSSEIN Obama is doing one hell of a terrific job.

dallas obama and blm at whAnd why…simply because he is black. There’s no other logical explanation for that number, especially with the statistics I just cited above, other than that when blacks look at Obama in a figurative mirror they see starring back at them a face the same color as theirs. And this is what, I believe, drives the white-haters in groups like Black Lives Matter ever forward…the fact that they know they do have the protection to say what they say and do what they do… even murdering police officers…as one of their fellow white-haters currently occupies the White House.

So crimes like Dallas will sadly continue on fueled directly by the hate emanating from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue…a hate so powerful that the plight of his ‘supposed’ fellow blacks means not a damn thing to Obama…after all there is money to be made and publicity to be garnered from hate…there is money to made and publicity to be garnered from the killing of whites…especially from the killing of white police officers by fools like Micah Xavier Johnson who fall under the spell of hate groups like Black Lives Matter and the Nation of Islam.

And it’s with great sadness that I stand by every word I just said.

Guilty But No Recommendation To Indict

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on

fbi cover“Our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring charges in Clinton email case…I can assure the American people this investigation was done honestly, competently and independently.”   –  F.B.I. Director James B.  Comey

Well folks as expected Hillary Clinton walks with no…I repeat no…F.B.I. recommendation to indict being brought against her in regards to the email scandal that continues to rightfully haunt her to this day.

Amazing isn’t it what with F.B.I. Director James Comey deeming Hillary “extremely careless” in her use of a secret email server to conduct government business, and saying that it’s possible enemy hackers breached her system but…and here’s the kicker…even though he also stated that Hillary did hide and delete key emails, he still is not recommending she face charges, criminal or otherwise, because he could find no prior case to support that her behavior was intentionally criminal.

No prior case…who really cares about prior cases…right now ’We the People’ care about this case and this case alone.

fbi2No criminal intention…I don’t think so for Hillary Clinton knew well that she was willingly and knowingly exposing our national security infrastructure to any and all by her using a private and unsecured server, thus opened America’s secrets up to foreign government hackers, leaving our country vulnerable to enemy dalliances of the worst kind.

And with Comey’s choosing not to recommend prosecution…and with Attorney General Loretta Lynch having said before the findings were even announced that her department will follow the F.B.I.’s recommendations…we now have proof positive that if you have the right amount of money, the right connections, along with a sham of a husband who just happens to be a former president and who just last week ‘happened’ to have an anything but ‘chance meeting’ with the above said attorney general who would have been the one to prosecute your wife, the very wife who is your way back into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue…you can get away with anything.

Just ask the family of Vince Foster.

fbi3Amazing just amazing, and that amazement continues on with Comey’s adding that Hillary did indeed mishandle information and that some critical emails were lost forever…even saying that Hillary and her staff were not just “extremely careless” in their use of email but that many preventable mistakes were made yet even with all that still no indictment was forthcoming… not that we believed there ever was going to be one. And make no mistake about it we know this investigation was all for show…a year-long ‘dog-and-pony’ show to placate and hopefully diffuse the angry masses…for no matter the offense, no matter the guilt, this outcome proved once again that the Clintons do get away with everything.

And with Comey’s obviously rehearsed and oh so carefully crafted statement worded as it was to get our hopes up that just maybe this time the right thing would be done, Comey instead pulled the rug right out from under us at the very end, and now has me believing that he, F.B.I. Director James B. Comey, has joined the ranks of those the Clintons have ‘bought’…’bought’ or maybe even threatened.

Whatever the scenario all I can politely say is shame on him…shame, shame, shame.

See F.B.I. Director James Comey’s full press conference here:

fbi4So now I’m left to wonder just how much it cost Hillary…or would have cost Comey…to get out of the fact that eight email chains containing information that was deemed ‘top secret’ at the time she handled them have been discovered; that another 36 chains containing ‘secret’ information are also now in F.BI. hands; and that an additional 80 chains containing so-called ‘confidential’ information at the time she sent and/or received them have been discovered as well.

And now when you add in the 2,000 other emails containing information now deemed classified but wasn’t at the time Hillary sent them…and that work-related messages Hillary and her lawyers deliberately deleted instead of turning them over to the Department of State were also found…I sure hope whatever deal Comey did cut with the Clintons was worth the selling of his soul, for in no way is Hillary not guilty of violating the ‘Espionage Act of 1917’ or of violating the Federal Records Act.

“None of these emails should have been on any kind of unclassified system,” according to James Comey yet they were, but he still issued the always will be known as ‘Butcher of Benghazi’ a ‘get out of jail free’ card.

fbi5And with no criminal charges nor even one misdemeanor charge recommended to be filed, means there is no reason for Hillary Clinton to drop out of the presidential race. So the still scandal plagued Hillary will not have to be replaced on the ticket, uber leftist Julian Castro will most probably be her VP pick, and promises of ‘free stuff’ will help to roll out the red carpet for ascension to the very throne Hillary Clinton so desperately covets.

And isn’t it more than just a wee bit odd that Comey’s statement…no matter his stoic theatrics to the contrary…helps to exonerate Hillary at this specific point in time as it now pushes Trey Gowdy’s report on Benghazi to the back burner, and as it now, Hillary hopes, helps to diffuse the brouhaha over last week’s 30-minute meeting between hubby Billy-Boy and AG Loretta Lynch.

fbi10But does it…as in was a deal cut at that anything but chance meeting. It sure seems that way for isn’t it strange that publicity loving Billy-Boy had it so that no media was allowed and photographs were a no-no at this tet-a-tet. So who leaked the story of that meeting I wonder…that is a question that needs to be answered for why do so unless a deal was indeed already put into place…a deal to let ‘We the People’ know that the Clintons are indeed above the law. Or did Billy-Boy threaten Lynch that if Hillary is prosecuted the Clintons will ‘sing out’ against Obama jeopardizing a deal with Lynch to assure her keeping her cushy job as attorney general should Hillary be elected president. Or is Obama’s hand directly involved in all this…as in did Obama arrange for this meeting so that he can keep Hillary within his sights and on a short leash.

fbi7 hillary and obamaStrange indeed for on the very day Comey addresses the nation Hillary just happens to be on Air Force One with Obama to go campaigning. Why would Obama do that unless he already knew that Hillary would not be indicted…meaning Comey himself lied when he said no one knew or would know the final decision until his announcement. And that can easily be proven a lie as Comey read from prepared notes…an actual script perhaps…that I seriously doubt he himself prepared as the entire monologue seemed too well-rehearsed…meaning others knew the outcome of the F.B.I. findings…the verdict if you will…ahead of time.

fbi8But also important in all this is that we must understand that James Comey has now blurred, in both the legal and the political sense, what should be the difference between someone being ‘extremely careless’ as opposed to that someone committing ‘gross negligence’…as in the deliberate intention to commit a wrong as per Section 793(f) of the federal penal code (Title 18)…and that is what would  have allowed felony criminal charges to be brought against Hillary. And while Comey said that classified information was indeed improperly and carelessly stored and transmitted via Hillary’s personal email, which should have at least brought a misdemeanor charge, we weren’t even thrown a bone, so to speak, leaving Hillary to get off scot-free…or did she as the ‘court of public opinion’ is rightfully still not on her side as even some of those in her own party do not trust her…meaning it’s now up to we voters this November to decide and adjudicate what we believe to be her true guilt or innocence.

And for me personally it’s guilty on all counts.

fbi6But no matter the vote come November…after all ‘free stuff’ remains a powerful draw…it’s obvious that politics were indeed at play for how can Comey speak of all the infractions Hillary has committed…from the destruction of government records to the knowingly mishandling of classified information…and yet in his statement’s conclusion say he is not going to recommend that charges be filed. And really, isn’t the whole premise of a recommendation itself questionable in this instance for shouldn’t the D.O.J. themselves consider whether to pursue the stated violations of the law based solely upon the law, and not upon a mere recommendation. Remember, federal prosecutors are supposed to function independently of politics and not have the AG announce ahead of the findings that she will follow the finder’s recommendation regarding said findings…which is exactly what Loretta Lynch did.

So the question remains why was the F.B.I. holding back on indicting Hillary in light of the fact that others in less compromising situations did indeed face charges…General Patreus is but one that comes to mind. And knowing that when classified information is discussed said discussions become classified as well, one has to wonder why Hillary discussed said information with people clearly not having security clearance. And with Comey’s investigation finding that Hillary did indeed destroy government records, that she did store classified information on a private unsecured server, and that she also ordered some on her staff to remove classified markings from emails before sending them, the bottom line remains that Hillary Clinton’s actions were clearly criminal in all intentions.

fbi9And so Hillary Clinton, contrary to the words of the F.B.I. Director, did not just show poor judgment as he claims as she surely meant to cause harm…and not recommending charges reeks of political protection of the worst kind because no matter to what party your political loyalties lie Comey’s statement is a clear abdication of justice.

And with House Speaker Paul Ryan saying that Comey’s decision “defies explanation” and that “Declining to prosecute Secretary Clinton for recklessly mishandling and transmitting national security information will set a terrible precedent,” coupled with the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Charles E. Grassley saying that Comey needs to do more to convince Americans he made the right call, it’s easy to see why James Comey has now been called to justify his actions before the House Oversight Committee. And with House Republicans rightfully saying that Comey should have just laid out his findings without making any recommendation whatsoever, instead leaving it up to the DOJ to decide what to do…exactly what I said above…it becomes apparent that the Clinton machine has once again shown themselves to be above the law.

And that, dear reader, is the saddest thing of all.

Benghazi…Between the Redacted Lines

By: Diane Sori and Craig Andresen / Right Side Patriots on

benghazi report1With Trey Gowdy’s release last Tuesday of the ‘Select Committee on Benghazi’ long awaited report*, the media remains focused only on the YouTube video aspect of the findings ignoring the truth hidden within the report’s pages. And while Gowdy and his committee can, by law, only report the facts and interview witnesses, it is up to people like us, Right Side Patriots Craig Andresen and Diane Sori, to read between the lines…both redacted and otherwise… and put the puzzle pieces together…pieces Gowdy and his committee have clearly laid out…pieces just waiting for someone to see what he sees…to know what he knows but cannot say.

Many new facts and witness testimony are laid out within the report’s pages, but after going through all 877 pages, pages 79 through 90, we believe, are the ‘smoking gun’ we all hoped Gowdy would uncover. And uncover he did starting with the fact that security at the Benghazi Mission Compound in September 2012 was little at best, helping to set the stage for the events which followed. Consisting of several Principal Officers (Ambassador Stevens being one of them because at that time there were not enough officers present) serving 30-90 day tours, an Information Management Officer (Sean Smith), and a rotating group of Diplomatic Service agents serving 30-45 day tours. Diplomatic Service agents, most of whom were volunteers, agents who had little to no experience in high threat/danger areas, and there were no more than five agents at the compound at any given time…meaning there was hardly any security at all. And remember, the dozens of requests sent by Ambassador Stevens for additional security personnel and/or security upgrades were ignored, rejected, or pushed off on others within the Department of State who also did nothing to address said requests.

benghazi report 17 februaryAnd so with what amounted to zero tangible security, Hillary knew she best do something to cover herself in case someone came snooping around…as in she best hire someone…anyone…to ‘protect’ our personnel. So who does Hillary hire…not armed American military personnel as should have been the case, but instead she hires the February 17 Martyrs Brigade, an offshoot of Ansar al-Sharia who is a tentacle of al-Qaeda. In other words, Hillary Clinton hired the enemy to do anything but protect our people for it was February 17 who left the compound at the first sign of trouble on that fateful night…and it was February 17 who was Hillary’s contact point when the fighting began and who were the ones, we believe, that informed her that Christopher Stevens was dead.

Let us explain…it has always been wondered who gave the order to “stand down,” an order some claim was never given but an order that indeed was given. On page 79 of the Select Committee’s report it states that the Chief of Base “acknowledged he may have told the team to wait while he was attempting to secure additional resources for them.” Claiming that the wait was less than 10 minutes, more like 5 minutes he said, time that was needed to get the technical truck that the Team Lead had requested, the Chief of Base ordered the GRS team “to wait” before deploying to the CIA Annex now under attack just a mile away.

benghazi report mapNow remember his words “to wait”…words admitted to by the Chief of Base and corroborated by other witnesses whose testimony appears on pages 79 through 90 of said report. But “to wait” is not all the Chief of Base said for as per the testimony of one key highly reliable witness, one of the co-authors of the book ’13 Hours: The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi’ and a critical Team Member who was there and ready to ‘move out’ during the attack, testified that during the ‘supposed’ less then 10 minute wait time, which actually as per his time frame proves to be a wait time of over 25 minutes, the Chief of Base, the Team Lead, and the Deputy Chief of Base, all stood on the porch yakking away on their phones.

Saying, “And all I can see, as time goes on and we start getting calls, from [Diplomatic Security Agent 3] on the radio, saying, hey, the Consulate has been overrun. GRS, where the bleep are you?” and as he and the other Team Members were starting to get “a little bit more agitated”…as to the delay in moving out…with those continuing to talk on their phones while their comrades were under siege, again, less than a mile away.

Now as to the “stand down” order itself. The generals say they did not give said order and it now appears they did not. And Obama as well says he gave no such order, and in this case he was telling the truth of sorts for while the words “stand down” did not actually come from his lips, we believe he knew and probably orchestrated whose lips the order did indeed came from…as in the very person who was in charge, as per her job description, of military operations on that fateful night…that being Hillary Rodham Clinton herself.

benghazi report obama and panettaLet us again explain…remember, after Obama was briefed on the happenings at Benghazi by then Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey at a pre-scheduled, but on an entirely different matter, 5 o’clock meeting that lasted but 30-minutes, Panetta claims that Obama left operational details, including knowledge of what resources were available to help the Americans under siege, “up to us”… meaning up to anybody but him.

And so with Obama taking said events in his usual cavalier way, after the above stated 5 o’clock meeting, he did not call in or communicate in any way whatsoever with Panetta until later the following morning even though events in Benghazi were going from bad to worse, for while our people were under attack, this most miserable of presidents went to bed early to be ready for a fundraiser in Las Vegas the next day…went to bed early so, we believe, no one would witness phone conversations between him and Hillary. And he went to bed early even though at 6:07 p.m. EST, the State Department’s Operations Center sent a third email to the White House, Pentagon, FBI, and other government agencies stating that Ansar al-Sharia (remember, February 17 Martyrs Brigade, whom Hillary hired to guard the mission compound, is an off-shoot of Ansar al-Sharia) was taking credit for the attacks.

benghazi report emailAnd now with no one apparently able to reach either Hillary or the sleeping Obama…strange isn’t it… Hillary suddenly surfaces at 10:07 p.m. EST to issue a statement about a YouTube video being the cause of the attacks…after having by now been informed by February 17 that Stevens was indeed dead. So now it becomes just a matter of putting the pieces of the puzzle together…as in Hillary ‘conveniently’ going missing during the critical first few hours of the attacks thus Hillary being unable to sign-off on any military help reaching Benghazi in time to save anyone…all while three key men at the Benghazi mission compound gathered on the porch continuing to talk on their phones. And we believe that the Chief of Base was talking to someone named Hillary Rodham Clinton in her capacity as Chief of Mission…and suddenly “to wait” changed to “stand down.”

benghazi report hillaryAnd what do we base our supposition on…we base it on the ‘hiding in plain sight’ fact that Hillary Rodham Clinton was by law indeed the Chief of Mission concerning Benghazi (, and was the very person charged with “ensuring the protection of the U.S. government to American citizens, property, and interests in foreign countries;” supplying Benghazi with combat-equipped and ready troops; the very person charged with deciding if said troops were needed or not as a given situation arose; the very person who could issue a “stand down” order if she deemed no help was needed…and with Hillary desperately needing Stevens out of the way no help would ever be forthcoming…at least not from her end…and at least not from Obama as he had as much to lose in this as did Hillary if Stevens divulged what, we believe, he knew.

benghazi report coverAnd on pages 79-90 of the Select Committee’s report you can read for yourself the questions and answers supplied by the Benghazi witnesses in regards to the original  “to wait” order now changing to an order to “stand down with page 86 especially telling as witnessed by this exchange…and it fits perfectly into the time frame that Hillary was supposedly missing and Obama was sleeping.

Q: So you were the only one out of the lead vehicle. And you got out of the vehicle and you said you saw the chief of base, the deputy chief of base, and the team lead. And where were they?

A: On the front porch of the building 3.

Q: And what were each of them doing?

A: They were on the phone.

Q: Okay. They were all on the phone?

A: Yes.

Q: Okay. And you said that I’m just paraphrasing: We’ve got to get over there. We’re losing the initiative. Did you say that? Does that sound right?

A: Yes.

Q: And did you say that to anybody in particular or all three of them?

A: Pretty much all three of them because I was looking directly at them.

Q: Okay. And what was the response that you got from all of them or any of them?

A: “Stand down. You need to wait.” That was from the chief of base.

Q: Okay. Do you remember exactly what the chief—is that a paraphrase? Did he use those exact words? Do you remember?

A: He used those exact words.

benghazi report stand downSo an order to “stand down” was indeed given, and like we said above, we believe it was most likely given by Hillary Clinton herself in her guise of Chief of Mission…given on the phone to the Chief of Base who suddenly changed his previous words “to wait” to include the words “stand down.”

“Stand down and wait” to help Americans in trouble just a mere mile away, the Chief of Base’s words now conveyed.

So what exactly was behind this most grievous of orders…for that answer one only has to think back to the night of Benghazi itself. In our first reporting on Benghazi…

Bengahzi: The Truth Exposed…Part 1
Benghazi: The Truth Exposed…Part 2                                                                                      
Benghazi: The Truth Exposed…Part 3

…we gave what has proven to be the truth about Obama’s and Hillary’s illegal gun and weapons running operation from Tripoli through Benghazi to Turkey and then on to the anything-but-moderate Syrian rebels…rebels who have been shown to be yet another arm of ISIS.

This, in and of itself, is grounds for treason as the Syrian rebels were and still are one of the enemy whether Obama and his minions care to admit it or not, and thus Obama and Hillary were ‘aiding and abetting’ that enemy. But it goes even deeper than that for when they found out that Ambassador Stevens discovered what they were doing…discovered it and was going to expose it for all the world to see…we believe that it was Hillary herself …with Obama’s OK…who ordered ‘a hit’ on Stevens for she could not afford to have another scandal coloring her bid for the White House, and more importantly, we believe, Hillary could not have the Clinton Foundation exposed as being the money-laundering base from which she and Bill made payments to themselves and from which monies were paid out…like to the February 17 Martyrs Brigade for the successful hit on Stevens.

benghazi report stevensSo how was ‘the hit’ accomplished…simply by altering the time frame about the attack itself. It has been reported since day one that the Benghazi attacks stared at 9:42 p.m. Benghazi time (3:42.p.m. EST) when the actual carnage started at 9:32 p.m. Benghazi time, a full ten minutes earlier. This has been corroborated by the testimony of the same Team Member who told of the “stand down” order being issued and by other Team Members as well. And while he stated on pages 83 and 84 that most are saying the attack started at 9:42 p.m. Benghazi time, this witness testified that he looked at his watch and he clearly remembers it saying 9:32.

Asked how he accounts for the difference in time, this all-important Team Member stated something that makes perfect sense as in:

A: Differences of what people want to hear, want to know. I was on the ground. I was looking. I was pissed off because somebody was bothering me at 9:32 at night because I wanted to go home.

Q: You were home.

A: I wanted to get the day over with. Nothing comes good, when you get bothered at night, especially if you’re in the military, and you’re getting called by your leadership at 9:00 at night, nothing good comes of it.

benghazi reportt building burningBut what do a simple ten minutes really mean…why is this time difference so critical you ask. The answer to that can be summed up in the need to silence Christopher Stevens at all costs. We believe that it was during those ten minutes that Christopher Stevens was murdered and only when Hillary got assurance that he was dead by her hired cohorts in the February 17 Martyrs Brigade did they take off to let others set fires to destroy all evidence of what Stevens knew. But a diary somehow survived that night of fires, was discovered by a CNN reporter who then foolishly turned it over to the Hillary run Department of State where you just know it has been destroyed.

benghazi report bengazi4That diary, we believe, was the ‘Holy Grail’ of sorts that could have both Obama and Hillary brought up on charges of treason and murder, meaning that diary and its writer both had to be eliminated. While Stevens’ murder was horrific…his death at the hands of savages barbaric to say the least…the added overkill use of ‘scorched earth’ type fires gives it all away for why burn the compound to the ground if it’s just basically certain unarmed people you really want to take out. The others killed… Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty…were collateral damage…being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the “stand down” order issued by Hillary and we believe unwittingly and most likely unknowingly carried out by the Commander of Base allowed her February 17 hired killers the time needed to murder Ambassador Stevens, then report to Hillary that the deed had been done, and then high-tail it out of the compound as the fires were set to cover for this most vile of plans.

Remember too, the nature of the fires itself…fires set in certain ‘people-empty’ buildings where records were known to be kept…records that could expose both Obama and Hillary’s illegal gun and weapons running operation, and, remember too, that only four were killed out of the many who could have been killed at the compound that night…not by luck but by calculated design.

benghazi report stevens draggedAnd while Stevens’ body was discovered in a ‘so-called’ hiding place, he did not run to that place to hide, but, we believe, his body was either placed there by February 17 after they killed him or that Stevens was dragged there by February 17 after they beat him unconscious to what would then become his death…a death supposedly due to smoke inhalation…at least that was what the public was told. And the pictures of Stevens being dragged or carried…those we now believe were snapped as his body was being taken to the place where he would be found by others…others who took him to the hospital thinking he might still be alive…which he wasn’t.

So all the brouhaha over a ridiculous poorly made YouTube video, ‘The innocence of Muslims’…even that over Hillary’s email to Chelsea…were merely just another cleverly crafted plan to cover-up the ‘targeted kill’ of a U.S. ambassador…a murder orchestrated by Hillary Rodham Clinton, a murder given the go ahead by Barack HUSSEIN Obama, simply to cover their own butts and keelp them out of GITMO…or worse…and you know well what we mean by worse.

bengazi report messed up bldgSo…in Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi report, there are bombshells hidden between the redacted lines. The timeline has changed by 10 very crucial minutes, from 9:42 p.m. Benghazi time to 9:32 p.m. Benghazi time with several witnesses verifying that alteration; “stand down” orders were indeed given and those who finally went to help, to attempt a rescue, left the CIA annex without orders because they knew that precious time had slipped away.

The timeline being but one key exposed in Gowdy’s report…the other coming from Hillary Clinton’s official job description which made her the Chief of Mission should there be a need for military intervention regarding any diplomatic site’s report…the other coming from Hillary Clinton’s official job description which made her the Chief of Mission should there be a need for military intervention regarding any diplomatic site in the world.

Putting two and two together…we believe that while the CIA’s Chief of Base, his Deputy Chief of Base, and Team Lead, were desperately trying to get the ‘green light…one person was the source of the hold-up and that one person, Hillary Rodham Clinton, became the direct source of the “stand down” order.

benghazi report burned outAnd while many seem somewhat disappointed in the outcome of the Gowdy report on Benghazi, we see in it a much clearer picture of what really transpired that fateful night. It wasn’t, after all, Trey Gowdy’s job to indict or for that matter to establish or piece together indictable acts. His job was to interview witnesses who had been intentionally skipped over by previous investigations… previous investigations with plenty to hide. In that respect Gowdy was highly successful, and remember that a House committee investigation does not hold the power of indictment.

What it is that Trey Gowdy has produced is the most accurate account of the events of September 11, 2012, in Benghazi…the most accurate accounting of the events that led to that night, and the most accurate accounting of what occurred after…including exposing the cover-up via many witnesses never heard from previously.

We stand by every word of our earlier afore mentioned series, ‘Benghazi…The Truth Exposed’…and now we can add to the puzzle, pieces we were unable to find before. In these new pieces we see one of the most important aspects of what happened…the “stand down” order…but like so many reports generated by  government committees, one must read between the redacted lines to arrive at the full truth.
And that was Gowdy’s primary job…getting at the truth and it should be noted that where his job ended…it is up to us, we true patriots, to put the pieces in their proper perspective.

benghazi report last picWe believe that proper perspective includes gun running, as in ‘Fast and Furious’ Benghazi style, a close association with our enemies in a time of war via the hiring of February 17…an offshoot of al-Qaeda by way of Ansar al-Sharia… Ambassador Stevens became a target to be silenced due to his attempts to end the covert op that used our mission in Benghazi as a shipping and receiving station for guns and weapons transfers with the Turks as strawmen…a desperate plan hatched by Hillary Clinton and Obama to have Stevens ‘taken out’…with Obama shirking his duties as Commander-in-Chief  leaving the final call in the hands of Hillary…and with Hillary ordering the fateful “stand down” order.


Along with what we believe to have been treason with the gun running covert op and the initial hiring of the February 17 Martyrs Brigade, we also believe Hillary compounded it with the “stand down” order, and then both she and Obama, along with others, orchestrated the ill-conceived and quickly exposed cover-up.

And while we all know that between her email espionage and Benghazi, Hillary Rodham Clinton has no business running for the highest office in the land…it was Trey Gowdy’s dogged determination and the sworn testimony before his committee by so many never heard from before witnesses, that has put the light of truth on it for all to see…at least for all who take the time and effort to read between the redacted lines that is.


* Read the entire 877 page Benghazi report here:

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