What is the Dryer Report….


Joe Hakos

WELCOME TO THE NSA…Thanks for stopping by.

This website is and will always be operating BECAUSE

of Government’s excessive intrusion into John Q.

Public’s Pursuit of Life, Liberty and Happiness.


Well it’s been about 1 1/2 years into this journey of the unbelievable.  I’ve had to get a miner’s helmet to light the way as we travel down the Rabbit Hole.  It has gotten quite dark in there and you can easily slip and hit your head causing your to see things you don’t dare tell young children.  So we continue to venture onward towards the light of TRUTH!


Enjoy you time here and tell your friends and enemies alike.  If you want to join the fun…Please remember to leave your first and last name.  If you don’t I will NOT approve your account and it will be deleted.  This site is for human use only….no Bots.


This blog was established in December of 2011.  It will consist of mostly random thoughts that tumbling around in the brain.

Sometimes mismatched like those socks that come up missing in your dryer.  Just where do they go?God Help Us



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