Want To Join the Dryer Report

**** In a perfect World joining the Dryer Report would be a simple thing.  But the plugin used to validate users is currently broken and allows NO ONE to subscribe.  The plugin author hasn’t yet updated it to the new version of Word Press.  As soon as the new version becomes available I will update it and all will be right in the World once more.  Except for the reason I need a plugin at all.  I hate those guys. Thank you for your patience and understanding. ****



It is quite simple… fill out the registration form. Please remember to leave a first and last name.

This site is intended to be used by HUMANs, not bots.

So, if I don’t see a first and last name your account will be deleted.

Your information will not be sold or given to any entity and if leaving your name is a problem then so be it.

Anyhow… the NSA has all our information already so I don’t know what the big deal would be.

I really want to express my appreciation for having you stop by to visit the Dryer Report. It is your support that keeps this site going and I thank you for everything.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t always blame the Dryer…that Washing Machine eats socks too you know.

God Bless!

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