Tis The Season

Tis the season.

So once again it is Presidential Election Season…and like Elmer Fudd the Republican Ruling Class is singing Kill the Tea Party.  Yes the very voting block that has giving the Republican Party majorities in BOTH houses of Congress and 2/3 rds of the Legislatures and Governorships in the Nation. The Republican ruling class is openly denouncing the grassroots base and giving the collective middle finger to the very people that were promised that this time, things would be different.Send in the Clowns

Well, no the only thing different is the year. The so-called 13th commandment that the enlightened like to tout has long ago been rendered moot.  The fact is that when first bought to the light of day this mind-set was easily to be followed as the majority of “fellow” Republicans were not too far from the party’s stated platform goals. 

But now, the rulers of this party, at ALL levels, are much closer to the Democratic Party in actions than the stated Republican Party planks.  In fact if you listen closley to these “leaders” they sound like the Republicans have found a time machine and have traveled back in time to 1972 and have adopted policies of the then Democratic Party.

So to NOT criticize a Republican who is pushing policies and legislative initiatives that just a few short years ago were mainstay ideas of the Democratic party is to be hypocritical and tantamount to acceptance of such policies.

Sure you can say this is all rhetoric…but when the very Republican Leadership come out with messages like this weekly address (follow the link below). You can understand why so many refuse to take the program upload.

Weekly Address: This Is What Progress Looks Like

That weekly address says it all.  Heck they even use the words of the Democrats…Progress, reform…even sounds like Democrats of the past and present.  Just because the Democrats of the present are more like socialists of a near distant past of the 1930’s. It certainly doesn’t say the Republican base wants to follow them there.

You see the Democrats understand who exactly they are…Socialists.  Even if poor Debbie stumbles around Uncle Bernie they know who they are and they don’t shy away from it.  The Republicans on the other hand want to be where the Democrats were but the planks of the party still reflect something different.  Now this doesn’t give a green light to the Leadership in the Republican Party to slide over in the place vacated by the Democrats politically because they think the American People as a whole are moving in the direction of the Democrats or the Republicans.  Far from it, the majority of those who once identified themselves with the Republican Party have so far in this election season refused to go along with the Republican Leadership.  The very fact that there are, at this point in time, 17 announced candidates for the Party’s nomination for President expresses how disjointed and how party leadership is out of touch with so many Republicans.

The highly endorsed and leadership supported candidates have not been able to ride away from the pack and be that established moniker for the Republicans.

Why?  Because the leadership and most Americans have forgotten what it is that makes this Nation what it truly is…America.  Not Europe-West!

Even as most of the announced Republican candidates are trying to out democrat the Democrats. A lesson you would have thought they learned from the last 2 Presidential election seasons that this will not work.

The base Republican voter and yes the majority of those who still remember what an American voter still cares about do not want to choose between a Republican who is trying to be a slightly less Democrat and a full blown, completely grown up Democrat.  That is not a very appealing, palatable and certainly is an undesirable choice. 

So what happens?  Millions of voters who see there is very little difference between these “New” Republicans and the Democrat of the season stay home and hunker down and wait for the impending implosion of this experimentation with Government by the People.

Tis the season…

Can there be a better American outcome?  Can the turn to Euro-Lite socialism be stopped?

I say emphatically YES!  But we must remember what our Nation’s Government was founded on and regain focus not on how to grow the GOVERNMENT but how to grow LIBERTY.

Remember…”Conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal”.  Remember that?

Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

Liberty…personal, institutional and National.  Can it be regained?  Maybe, but certainly it will NEVER be regained by following the failed policies that have held the Nations of the European Continent hostage for almost 2 millennia. That is why America and OUR Government as founded is so exceptional.

The candidate who can articulate a message of Liberty and American freedom will most certainly rise to the top of the list and will take the Republican Party, kicking and screaming, back to the very roots of a Party founded on principles that Lincoln called upon that day in Gettysburg Pennsylvania.

Tis the season…

So is this election doomed to a repeat performance of the past 2 Republican attempts to gain control of the Executive Branch of government?

Not necessarily, if America ignores the media’s obsession with socialism and desire to be like Europe and actually listen to the candidates and not accept the 15 second sound-bite and policy.  If the American people don’t accept the enviable decline of America, then like in 1980 a revitalized Republican Party not a half-baked version of the Democratic Party will once again awaken the American spirit that has made this Nation something special in history.  And made America the greatest Nation in history of Nations seen on this Earth. 

Yes we can, as a Nation be that Nation once again.  And only the American People will make it happen. 

Not any political party, by whatever name that party goes by.

This is America, and WE the People are not finished with the greatest experiment in government by and for the People.

But it Tis the season.

Retired USAF MSgt, Owner Operator of Dryer Report. http://www.dryerreport.com

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Retired USAF MSgt, Owner Operator of Dryer Report. http://www.dryerreport.com