The Forgetful Administration 

Well now… The mouthpiece for the Obama Administration in the White House briefing room stands in front of the WH press corps and can’t remember the name of the U.S. Border agent killed by Mexican drug thugs!  Really?  Is the bubble that surrounds the Washington Beltway that impenetrable? The biggest news item since the Solyndra fiasco became common knowledge and the WH Press Secretary is so uninformed that he can’t remember the name of the American patriot killed in the line of duty protecting this Nation’s borders. Are we having another rabbit hole moment here?

Mr. Carney here is a reminder of who the “family that you refer to” is seeking to have justice and answers about who is responsible for the weapons being obtained by Mexican drug criminals used to kill Border Agent Brian Terry.

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry


Thank you to ABC’s Jake Tapper reminded him of the name of the family when the Press Secretary lost track of the narrative he put together earlier in the day.  It’s well past time for the Justice Department to start serving justice to ALL Americans… especially the Terry Family.

Retired USAF MSgt, Owner Operator of Dryer Report.

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Retired USAF MSgt, Owner Operator of Dryer Report.

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