As Obama Retreats Putin Advances

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on

amassing2 isis fighters“They have not been degraded, they have regenerated themselves.”
– Mohammad Hanif Atmar, Afghan national security advisor, referring to al-Qaida, ISIS, and Taliban fighters who are growing in numbers

Remember when earlier this month Vladimir Putin called the situation in Afghanistan “close to critical” and called on ex-Soviet nations to be prepared to act together to repel a possible attack by ISIS…well NO matter how you feel about Russia in general and Putin in specific…one thing cannot be denied…Russian intelligence is usually spot on. And according to Alexander Bortnikov, Director of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), coupled with Russian intelligence reports now surfacing, thousands of heavily armed ISIS fighters have joined forces with factions of the Taliban who have split with their leadership, and are massing along Afghanistan’s northern border to NOT only create havoc throughout the Central Asian region, but to prepare for a possible invasion, if you will, of those neighboring countries.

amassing russian tweetAnd now with ISIS and other terrorist groups continuing to induct many young men worldwide into their ranks…young men from more than 100 countries who comprise 40% of ISIS’ forces…with 20,000 to 30,000 of them fighting alongside ISIS and the anything but ‘moderate’ rebels against government forces in both Syria and Iraq…these young men (and a smattering of young women) are actively spreading the ISIS extremist ideology as they create combat operation cells that are ready to stage terror and subversive acts while continuing to create an ever-expanding network of training camps in Syria, Iraq, and other neighboring countries. And they’re doing this while millions of muslims…here too mostly strong young men…continue to flood into Europe creating an invasion of sorts in their own right.

amassing bornikov“The international community has now hit a new geopolitical challenge, an international criminal group in the name of the Islamic State. This project, which grew out of the ‘Arab Spring,’ has gained momentum thanks to the double standards of certain world regional powers by using ‘a terrorist battering ram’ to reach their own strategic goals in Asia and Africa,” said Bortnikov when speaking at a meeting of special services from the Commonwealth of Independent States and reported by the RIA news agency.

Using the words ‘Islamic State’ NOT ISIL as this administration so loves to do in their giving a wink and a nod to the Levant…Bortnikov places this unfolding nightmare…including the birth of ISIS itself…directly at the feet of Barack HUSSEIN Obama…the man who is to blame for the Arab Spring (a wave of anti-government protests leading to political fragmentation with longtime mostly secular rulers being forced from power in a number of countries…countries like Egypt, Libya, and Yemen) turning into a nightmare of an Arab Winter.

Remember, ISIS has stated many times that their goal is to take over the world and implement sharia law, and that goal has NOT only started but has succeeded in some of the countries of the Middle East where ISIS has now successfully become entrenched. And thanks to the ‘leading from behind’ policies of Barack HUSSEIN Obama we have watched in horror as country after county comes under the control of 7th century savages with 21st weapons…and some of those weapons were given to them by our very own traitor-in-chief.

amassing russian bomberAnd it’s Putin’s Russia being the one to inflict damage to ISIS in Syria as Russia’s air force does what we should have done…bomb and keep bombing the anything but ‘moderate’ rebels who are indeed ISIS in disguise. And unlike Obama, who refuses to acknowledge or even speak of the threat ISIS poses to our beloved America, Vladimir Putin has spoken time and again about the threat ISIS poses to Russia being the main reason behind his decision to launch air strikes on both ISIS itself and their butchers-in-arms…the anything but ‘moderate’ Syrian rebels.

amassing isis silhouetteSo as ISIS…whose reach has expanded beyond the Middle East having ‘active cells’ in India, Pakistan and Malaysia…is poised to try and enter the former Soviet states of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan via largely unsecured borders…their job has been made somewhat easier because right after the recent earthquake the now ISIS affiliated Taliban seized the Darqand District of Takhar affording them a major presence along Tajikistan’s border. And aiding them in that quest were ISIS aligned fighters from the North Caucasus…followers of Salafism, a radical branch of Sunni islam. And these young men, young men who fought alongside ISIS fighters in Syria, have now returned home ripe with battlefield experience along with their own self-proclaimed goal of carving out an independent state governed by sharia law.

Now hoping to increase their ever-growing monetary coffers…thanks in part to the oil fields now under their control…ISIS and their tentacles plan to secure control of those countries to use as drug trafficking routes to take raw opium from Afghanistan to be sold as heroin on the streets of Russia and Europe…a cash cow whose pit is basically bottomless…a cash cow of NOTHING but death.

amassing al-assadAnd being added into this smoldering mix is Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad…himself NO angel per se…but who is (rightfully) blaming some regional and Western countries (like France and the U.S.) for their ‘political cover’ in supporting the true terrorist groups operating in his country… terrorist groups including the supposed ‘moderate’ rebels like Daesh Takfiri and the Free Syrian Army…and it’s these rebels who were gassing the government forces NOT the other way around.

Blaming the suffering of the Syrian people on terrorism…including the 250,000 deaths to date…along with the corresponding damage inflicted on the country’s infrastructure and people, and with what al-Assad feels are “unjust” economic sanctions…the U.S. under Obama’s stewardship still supports, finances, and praises, the very people causing this carnage. But then again what would you expect from the man whose Arab Spring is the root cause of all that is sadly unfolding today. Remember, that while some of these dictators were brutal in their own right, their governments were more secular in nature thus affording them the ability to control the islamists amongst them.

amassing tents“By helping Syria we are protecting our country,” said Moscow-backed Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov, in reference to the ‘political cover’ being afforded these terrorists. And one case in point comes in the guise of Russia’s opposition to an upcoming United Nations resolution on the Syrian government’s use of ‘barrel-bombs.’ And why the opposition, it’s because this resolution is simply NOTHING but a veiled attempt to place all blame on al-Assad’s government for the killings of Syrians along with its ‘supposedly’ being the main reason behind Syria’s ongoing refugee problem.

Being sponsored by France, Britain, and Spain because they feel barrel-bomb use could jeopardize the upcoming international talks on how to restore peace to the “conflict-wracked” country…Britain’s U.N. Ambassador Matthew Rycroft, went so far as to say that, “it (barrel-bombs) kills so many people, it terrorizes so many people and it’s one of the causes of the flood of refugees and migrants out of Syria,” apparently forgetting the killings…the beheadings…the burnings alive…the rapes…the slaughter of thousands all in the name of allah…all in the name of islam…done by their supported side and sadly NOT seeming to matter one bit.

amassing general campbellAlso add into this harbinger of all-out global war ISIS fighters in Afghanistan…specifically the ‘Islamic State in Khorasan Province’…who recently issued a call for all muslims, especially Palestinians, to “take up arms” against Jews and Christians and “fight them in whatever way we can”…Sura 9:5 coming to fruition.

Delivered in the Pashto language on its website…and YES…ISIS does indeed have a website…they’re flexing their muscle in Afghanistan NO matter that Afghan officials have continuously warned of an increased ISIS presence in Afghanistan and of their threat to Central Asia…while General John F. Campbell, the commander of the NATO Forces in Afghanistan, earlier this month told U.S. senators that ISIS wants to turn the Nangarhar provence into its operational headquarters…and ‘We the People’ heard NOT a thing about this…but thankfully we’re now hearing it from Vladimir Putin’s FSB operatives.

amassing last pic soviet withdrawalAnd even though Red Army troops withdrew from Afghanistan in 1989, northern Afghanistan and countries allied to Russia are currently under threat by ISIS and the Taliban as well, and to that affect Afghan’s President Ashraf Ghani has asked Vladimir Putin to help them in their fight against this very growing threat…asked Putin for help as in artillery, small arms, and Mi-35 helicopter gunships…knowing well that Barack HUSSEIN Obama will be NO help to them at all.

And what is Obama doing while all this is going on…he’s sending John ‘Swiftboat’ Kerry to all five central Asian republics affected to ‘discuss’ security issues. And the outcome of that discussion will most likely be that they, like Israel, will be sold out to his brethren as well, as Vladimir Putin continues to rebuild the Russian Empire by helping to save one country at a time.

The Media and News NOT Reported

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on

news cover truth in journalismWhile the media has us focused 24/7 on ‘The Donald Trump Presidential Anything But Reality Show’ some international incidents we should know about…incidents that do indeed affect us one way or another…incidents that have been buried deep within the pages of major newspapers or given mere cursory mention on the news programs if they’re even mentioned at all…but they still must be reported on.

One important case in point concerns Israel. Israel…the very country who is America’s closest ally NOT only in the Middle East but in the world…always seems to get overlooked or be made into the villain by the media. Israel…whom Barack HUSSEIN Obama has NOT only stabbed in the back yet again, but who he has now put a bulls eye on with his very bad Iranian nuclear deal…actually his surrender to a country with tentacles whom he hopes can now more easily make the Jewish State of Israel but a footnote in the history books.

news 2And if this wasn’t bad enough, in case you don’t know as it was given so little coverage is the fact that Israel, just days ago, (rightfully) fired rockets against 14 targets in the Syrian Golan Heights in retaliation for Syria firing what Israel claims was a rocket attack launched by a group calling itself Islamic Jihad…which is an Iranian proxy force commanded by Iranian Saed Izadi… and if Israel claims Iran is behind the attack you just know it is so.

And with the U(seless) N(ations) very soon to release sanctions against Iran… monies Iran  will surely use to fund even more terrorist attacks against Israel…the media remains mum for the most part…NOT good folks NOT good at all.

news3And now to add even more fuel to the fire that is an Iranian-backed Syria, is the fact that as al-Assad’s forces continue to battle the anti-government rebels…rebels who are NOT rebels per se but who are actually fighters aligned with ISIS…fighters fighting with some U.S. made weapons thanks to the ‘leading from behind’ traitorous tactics of Obama…now comes this additional bit of unhappiness. Recently, the IDF had to deploy one of their Iron Domes anti-missile defense systems to the outskirts of the city of Ashdod…and why…because terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip…groups like the afore mentioned Islamic Jihad with loyalties to Iran…have vowed to strike Israel “with great force” if Palestinian prisoner Muhammed Allaan was to die from the hunger strike he is on while in Israeli custody. Saying his death would release the group from any previous commitment to any ceasefire they had made with Israel, the Islamic Jihad and others are just counting down the days until Allaan dies as their quest for Israeli blood is fueled on by Iran’s promise to wipe Israel off the map.

Any serious mention of any of this in the media circus was given but maybe a sentence or two here and there and then silence…a looming and deadly silence…what with the liberal controlled media for the most part having sided with Obama against Israel…yet again.

news4And here’s yet another event given but cursory mention by the media as they remain focused on you-know-who. For those of you who didn’t know ISIS recently ambushed and killed 50 American-trained Iraqi soldiers in the Anbar province of Iraq…soldiers who were trying to help recapture the city of Ramadi. Also, in Iraq and Syria just this past weekend, the U.S. and our coalition partners initiated 26 airstrikes against ISIS with 17 of those strikes near the cities of Bayji, Mosul, and Ramadi, where tactical units, buildings, fighting positions, weapons, and vehicles were hit. And while eight attacks occurred near the Syrian cities of Al Hasakah, Al Hawl, Ar Raqqah, and Ayn Isa, where fighting positions, vehicles, a bunker, a tactical unit, and four bunkers were hit…notice that in both cases NO mention of fatalities has been said making this basically NOTHING but another lip-service, surgically-precise, spare the brethren bombing run by Obama.

news5Also over this past weekend, just as school was getting out for the day in the Afghan city of Macrorayan, three Americans were killed in a car bombing when a NATO convey was attacked by a suicide bomber. Twelve people were killed… including three American civilian contractors working for the NATO forces…and 66 others were injured…many critically. And while the Taliban is believed to be behind the attack, to date they have NOT taken responsibility for it. However, the fact remains that the Taliban have greatly increased their attacks on Afghan security forces ever since the U.S. and NATO ended their combat mission in Afghanistan last year…and all these fatalities are courtesy (I believe) of Obama’s announcing our date of withdrawal…a withdrawal that afforded the Taliban the time needed to lay low and regroup, and then to go in full-force with NO U.S. troops to stop them.

news6And there was NO U.S. troops present or major media coverage given when the terrorists launched a number of attacks on Kabul in retaliation for the recently announced death of Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar. And did you know that another American was killed in a Taliban attack earlier this month on a NATO military base near Kabul’s international airport… an attack that also saw eight Afghan contractors being killed…bet you didn’t as Trump news trumped it all.

And lest we forget…but then again how can we forget what most don’t know about…and that is that North Korea and South Korea are again at odds. Last Thursday, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un ordered his primary military units to go on a ‘semi-war state’…an order issued only twice before…once in 1968 when they hijacked the Pueblo, and the second time in 1993 when the standoff with Washington over its nuclear weapons program first surfaced. This time the order was issued because South Korea claimed the North had exchanged rocket and artillery fire with the South in the first major armed conflict across their border in five years. And with South Korea and the U.S. currently involved in joint annual war games…which Jong-un demands be halted and which South Korea said NO to…instead they chose to kick into high gear their own military operations with a promise to retaliate against any provocations from the North.

news last picA build up of military might on both sides of the Korean border yet at the same time a stalemate of sorts, but a very dangerous one as North Korea is a nuclear power while South Korea is NOT. And when a man-child madman like Kim Jong-un controls a weapon of nuclear caliber the world does teter on the verge of WWIII…maybe NOT this time…but with Jong-un a next time is sure to come…but according to the media we need NOT focus on that.

And lastly, current ongoing news that we are just being given a smidgen of privy to is that the muslim infiltration of Europe is moving forward as hundreds if NOT thousands of muslim illegals continue to crash through the Greek border into Macedonia as the now welfare countries of Europe and England beckon. And this infiltration is ongoing even though Macedonia did previously seal its border after being overwhelmed with muslim illegals from North Africa and the Middle East NOT too long ago.

But again the media gives this story and the others mentioned above NOTHING but fleeting coverage if any coverage at all…guess ‘real’ news doesn’t bring in ‘real’ ratings in their eyes…and for the media ratings means monies and monies is to them what it is all about. And isn’t it sad how far the Fourth Estate has fallen…how very very sad…just saying.

A Declaration of War That is Anything But

limited1 cover“EVIL IS REAL! There is no light gray…murdering innocent people to move a political point of view has been, is and always will be evil.”
– former President George W. Bush’s words about ISIS and the atrocities they’re committing

“It is not the authorization of another ground war, like Afghanistan or Iraq.” 
– Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s words mocking Bush taking America to war after 9/11

Let’s start with some truth…Obama lost the peace that Bush had won in Iraq… equating to thousands of American lives lost and American blood shed having been for naught. And the Iraqi people who once held up proud ‘purple fingers’ are now drenched in blood and lots of it. And all because Barack HUSSEIN Obama does NOT want to win…period.

And isn’t it sad that it took this man months after the horrific beheading of two Americans to ask Congress for an official Declaration of War…a Declaration of War with stipulations that is…stipulations because he dare NOT step too much on the brethren’s toes. Simply put, Obama’s resolution asks Congress to authorize his going to war against ISIS so long as the war does NOT include “enduring offensive ground combat operations;” so long as it does NOT go on for longer than three years; and extremely critical…so long as other authorizations already in place (especially those put in place by GWB) be repealed first

limited2Selectively choosing which authorizations he wants to keep and which he wants to do away with…such as the authorization that allowed Bush to invade Iraq in 2002… while keeping the ones he favors…like the one that allowed him to use drone strikes against suspected terrorists, like the one that allowed him to initiate airstrikes in Iraq and Syria, and like the one allowing him to send 3,000 military advisers back to Iraq…Obama has again proven himself to be both partisan driven and anything but a much needed commander-in-chief.

And with this particular resolution…actually a draft authorization for use of military force (AUMF)…America’s traitor-in-chief has done it again…appeased and placated the enemy with stipulations that will allow them the time to actually grow stronger… appeased the Democrats with an oh-so carefully worded proposal so as to make war palatable to the kumbaya left while forcing the Republicans to either pass or NOT pass what they know is anything but a true Declaration of War…and allowing for the passing of the buck onto the next president so ISIS becomes their headache…and all while jeopardized our national security by his very act of inaction…inaction in his refusing to deploy American ‘boots’ to do what ‘We the People’ know needs to be done

limited5And in Obama’s saying that American ‘boots’ will be sent to the ISIS theater of war only “If we had actionable intelligence about a gathering of ISIL leaders, and our partners didn’t have the capacity to get them, I would be prepared to order our special forces to take action, because I will not allow these terrorists to have a safe haven,” Obama is basically eliminating the U.S. from doing what only the U.S. can do…destroy ISIS in full. But then again why would he do that when the fact is that Barack HUSSEIN Obama still will NOT recognize let alone say that ISIS is indeed a terrorist group…a muslim islamist terrorist group…and why would he do that when he continues to refer to ISIS as ISIL…ISIL…the acronym for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant…ISIL…a word that salutes those wishing to wipe Israel off the map for the Levant’s map is minus the Jewish State of Israel.

But Obama knows all this and simply put…he just does NOT give a damn that America be the victor in this 21st NOT 11th century war…a war he alluded to in his despicable Prayer Breakfast comments.

So after sending his resolution to Congress for discussion and then for hoped-for approval, this miserable excuse of a president said with a straight face that ‘his’ actions…it’s all about ‘him’ after all…would “show our troops and the world that Americans are united in this mission.” Oh really…tell me how when the resolution presented puts a time frame on how long America will be “united in this mission”… as in three years…for he just told ISIS…just like he told al-Qaeda and the Taliban…how long they need to lay low before they can safely resurface even stronger and more vicious than before.

limited3And the sum total of what Obama wants his mere three-page resolution to do in regards to the enemy adds up to zero for in NO way does it lay out a viable and workable strategy to defeat ISIS…it barely lays out a plan to contain ISIS. First, this Obama fiasco provides NO geographic limits on the battle, meaning what small amount of ground forces that will be fighting will be stretched to the breaking point in an attempt to cover all bases; second, it limits American ground troops by banning the afore mentioned “enduring offensive ground combat operations,” in other words it bans a much-needed army of occupation for an extended period of time and allows for Special Ops only if Obama gives the go-ahead (remember Benghazi and know that said go-ahead will NOT be given); and third, it expires after three years unless renewed by Congress meaning Obama has once again given the enemy America’s time table for war.

And if approved…and I truly hope the Republican-controlled Congress will toss this nonsense in the garbage…it would be the first time Congress has ‘officially and legally’ authorized this president’s use of military force in an actual declaration of war as all other military actions by Obama have been done unilaterally ignoring the War Powers clause of the document he so loves to trample…the U.S. Constitution.

So now as we await hearings on Obama’s proposal, remember that the military campaign in both Iraq and Syria that began six months ago will continue whether Congress approves this resolution or not, and remember too that to defeat this enemy a detailed and fine-tuned military strategy is a must NOT a strategy that starts off limiting military options. So, what do some of America’s military leaders and those in the political know think of Obama’s plan…a plan that is NOTHING but a rehash of the to-date failed airstrikes and airstrikes alone.

First, House Homeland Security Committee Chair Michael McCaul (R-TX) says the the authorization Obama has proposed, “ties our hands and specifically ties the hands of the generals.” Adding that he would rather have NO AUMF than the one Obama is proposing because of Obama’s insistence the NO ground troops will be sent unless there is a direct threat to our homeland, McCaul clearly recognizes the fact that without American ‘boots’ going on the offensive ISIS cannot be defeated

limited6 gohmertAnd according to Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) Obama “has never had a good strategy,” and he went so far as to say that he believes that if Obama had bombed al-Assad’s government forces in Syria as he proposed doing last year, then ISIS would have already taken over all of Syria. Translation: Obama does NOT have a clue what constitutes sound military judgment and that lack of judgment would continue on against ISIS itself as this most miserable excuse of a president has replaced our top military leaders and strategists with NOTHING but party ‘yes-men’ and islamic sympathizers.

As for the generals and military officials themselves…generals like four-star General Martin E. Dempsey and General Lloyd J. Austin, former Commanding General of U.S. Forces in Iraq, many believe Obama’s proposal is weakened by its very words “enduring offensive ground combat operations.” Ambiguous in its meaning leaving the interpretation of its words to Obama alone…and we all know how dangerous that could be…it basically NOT only puts a definitive time frame on a specific operation but it also leaves the amount of ‘boots’ needed for said operation up to Obama and his political cronies alone instead of the generals on the ground who know best.

limited7 general stewartIn fact, Defense Intelligence Agency’s Lt. Gen. Vincent Stewart, in speaking before the House Armed Services Committee, did NOT hold back his disdain for Obama’s proposal. Saying he is tired of the lack of leadership coming from this White House, Stewart reiterated the fact that ISIS is growing rapidly, and that Obama’s either pathetic response or NO response is simply NOT getting the job done. “U.S. President Obama has no intention of being a leading part of that team,” Stewart said in reference to the coalition Obama claims he’s leading. Adding, “When will he (Obama) learn that diplomacy doesn’t work with savages!”…note that Stewart said ‘savages’ something Obama will NOT say about his brethren. (article continues below video.)

See part of General Stewart’s speech here:

So now we wait to see what the Republican-held Congress will do as hearings are held…discussions behind the scenes take place…backdoor deals are made…and all sorts of placating to the enemy becomes a sad reality. But what we cannot afford is for politicians to decide what ‘truth’ will be disseminated and what ‘truth’ will be kept from the public’s consumption for the simple fact is that today’s world is in the sad shape it’s in due to Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s weak stance on escalating terrorism coupled with his pushing his own personal agenda…his own personal islamist agenda that is.


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Again Announcing Our Date of Withdrawal

war cover“It’s not going to be a source of terrorist attacks again.” 
– Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s words on Christmas Day 2014 concerning Afghanistan…said just as the Taliban ‘woke up’

OK…let’s get something straight right up front…while NOT actually pulling the trigger, brandishing the knife, or lighting the match… Barack HUSSEIN Obama is most definitely responsible for the deaths of Americans Peter Kassig, Steven Sotloff, James Foley, and now Kayla Jean Mueller. Four Americans brutally slaughtered and all because this man announced our date of withdrawal from the Middle East theaters of war, thus allowing time for ISIS to be born and thrive.

And let’s NOT forget Britons David Haines and Alan Henning, Frenchman Hervé Gourdel, and Japanese Kenji Goto and Haruna Yukawa…and there are others as well…including Jordan’s fighter pilot Lt. Moaz al-Kasasbeh burned alive in a video seen around the world.

NOT soldiers but journalists, a mountaineering guide, aide workers, and civilian contractors, these people were murdered solely for either doing their jobs of reporting the news or trying to give aid and comfort to those caught up in the horrors of war. And even while most were sympathetic to the enemy to some degree all were beaten, tortured, and probably submitted to all things unspeakable before they died at the hands of the savages…yet still none had to die.

war obama plays golfNone had to die yet all did die and the man indirectly responsible for their deaths, upon hearing of said deaths, issued the compensatory ‘America grieves with you’ statement to the victims families as he headed off to play golf or to fund raise. Or he simply remained quiet…leaving the families alone with their grief…leaving a nation in shock.

Dead Americans and dead allies…a sad reality because this man announced our date of departure from the Middle East theaters of war. Remember, during his re-election campaign Obama pledged to “end the war in Afghanistan in 2014” but doing so NOT because we would win the war by then, but doing so for his legacy alone. And so on June 22, 2011, Obama announced for the world to hear…for the enemy to hear and plan accordingly…that 10,000 U.S. troops would be withdrawn by the end of 2011 and an additional 23,000 troops will leave the country by the summer of 2012. Saying that he is leaving roughly 10,800 troops behind until the end of 2015…down from 38,000 at the start of 2014…Obama plans to reduce those 10,800 troops by about half by the end of this year when a NATO-led mission… Operation Resolute Support…becomes fully operational. And Obama has stated ad-nauseum that he wants all American troops out of Afghanistan by the end of 2016 when he leaves office so he can pat himself on the back saying he kept his promise to end the war NO matter that heads will continue to roll…literally.

war4And on Christmas Day just barely two short months ago, Obama said that the U.S. is “ending our combat mission in Afghanistan” but that a number of U.S. forces would remain there “to conduct counterterrorism operations” against what he called the “remnants of al-Qaeda.” You know…the Taliban who laid low, regrouped, and were now back in full operational mode…just ask the families of those children slaughtered in the Taliban attack on the Pakistani army school.

And what of Iraq…’Bush’s war’ Obama loves to say…where ISIS morphed from ‘al-Qaeda in Iraq’ into what he called a “JV team”…a “JV team” of barbaric murderers, thugs, and savages. On December 14, 2011, Obama, in a speech at Fort Bragg, announced that he was pulling out the last of our troops from Iraq and that the U.S. was, “leaving behind a sovereign, stable and self-reliant Iraq, with a representative government.” Well that worked out real well now didn’t it as ISIS just waited and bided their time until we were gone, and now that “JV team” has turned into the biggest threat the civilized world faces today. But I guess Obama fears his own head will roll if he dares to speak the truth about ISIS for ISIS’ muslim blood flows through his veins as wellwar5

So the man who believes that climate change is a far greater threat to this country’s national security than ISIS and their ilk, has proven time and again that his ideology…his radical islamic ideology…has been successfully worked to made our beloved America weaker in the eyes of the world. ‘Towing the line’ by speaking the words of those out to kill us all…as in his recent remarks comparing 11th century Christianity to today’s ISIS along with him refusing to utter the must be spoken words ‘muslim islamic terrorists’…lets ‘We the People’ know just where his true allegiances lie.

And Obama’s NEVER doing what’s in both America’s best interest and in the best interest of securing stability in the Middle East region, has this miserable excuse of a president trying to cover his lies, his misspeaks, and his oh so liberal and very traitorous agenda in a cloak of deception that few president’s before him have honed to such a fine art. And part of his current deception is his refusal to publicly state who is the chief money supplier…through private donations…of ISIS but then again Obama…good little muslim that he is and one whose ISIS policy remains but a policy of containment…must protect that country as it’s home to islam’s…and his…most holy of sites…as in the Sacred Mosque in Mecca and the Mosque of the Prophet in Medina. And that is the predominately Sunni country of Saudi Arabia.

And while Riyadh lists ISIS as a terrorist group that poses a direct threat to the kingdom’s security…Saudi’s kingdom right now is in transition after the death of their king…a transition into possibly becoming more radicalized if the radical islamic faction of the House of Saud triumphs. And Saudi Arabia is followed close behind in funding ISIS by Qatar, Turkey, and Kuwait…Kuwait being the country all the money is funneled through. And remember, all are supposed allies…all are oil-rich…and all are stabbing the U.S. in the back with Obama’s approval of course

war6 use this oneAnd let’s NOT forget that Obama is directly responsible for arming at least part of ISIS’ army starting with his Benghazi fiasco where he (I believe) was ‘gun running’ U.S. weapons along with sums of cash from Benghazi through Turkey to the anything but moderate ‘so-called’ Syrian rebels fighting al-Assad’s government forces…rebels who were once merely sympathetic to ISIS but who are now actually part of the ISIS war machine.

So while yesterday Obama asked Congress to formally authorize war against ISIS in the form of a draft resolution to allow the continued use of force but one that will NOT authorize a ground war…the plan he presented was basically more of the same old proven to be ineffective systemic and what he claims is a “sustained airstrike campaign” in both Iraq and Syria. Saying he would only send our troops “into harm’s way when absolutely necessary for our national security”…a strategy that would ban the U.S. from “enduring offensive combat operations”…Obama just threw the brunt of the war onto ill-equipped and untrained local forces…threw it on them deliberately so that they would lose. Further saying that he is holding U.S. involvement to three years tops, Obama is basically passing the ISIS problem over to the next president to deal with. (article continues below video)

war7 asking congressSee video of Obama  asking Congress to authorize war against ISIS here:

Translation: this vile, cowardly, and islamic terrorist sympathizer of a man…the man who keeps calling ISIS ‘ISIL’ as a shout-out to the Levant…did indeed again announce the time frame as to when we will end America’s involvement in this particular theater of war, thus giving ISIS time to lay low… regroup…recruit…and refill their war chest…to come back even stronger then before. To come back, kidnap, and kill even more Americans and American allies alike…all while he ever so happily heads back to the golf course.

And any and all new deaths…both military and civilian…both American and allied…will again lie at the feet of Barack HUSSEIN Obama…America’s very own traitor-in-chief. 

And Obama Releases Five More

By: Diane Sori

gitmoA cleared for release“The war on terror has reached a lethal phase, and it is insane to be letting these people out of Gitmo to go back to the fight.”
– Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) upon hearing of Obama’s newest round of GITMO releases

We all know…or should know by now…that islamic muslim terrorists…YES muslim terrorists…are slowly gaining in their goal of establishing an islamic caliphate under the banner of ISIS with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as the caliphate’s leader.

And we all know…or should know by now…that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is an ISIS sympathizer of the first degree for his actions…or should I say lack thereof…speak volumes as to where his loyalties lie. What more proof do the American people need than to know that with radical islam now fully engaged in both cultural and military jihad against the West, this president…this White House…still refuses to utter the words ‘radical islam’ choosing instead to call these terrorist acts ‘violent extremism.’ And he still will NOT say the words even after seeing the video of the two black-clad islamic muslim terrorists running through a Paris street yelling, “We have avenged the prophet Muhammad!” right after their murderous bloodbath

gitmo release 5 more released to omanThat along with Wednesday night’s Department of Defense announcement that Obama, under the cover of night, released five more captured in Pakistan al-Qaeda fighters now former GITMO detainees despite them being officially listed as medium to high risk. Saying that said ‘transfers’ were “unanimously approved” by all agencies responsible for reviewing them, the Obama administration continues to claim these persons are a low-level risk at best.

Sending four of the five (Al Khadr Abdallah Muhammad Al Yafi, Fadel Hussein Saleh Hentif, Abd Al-Rahman Abdullah Au Shabati, and Mohammed Ahmed Salam) to Oman (with the other, Akhmed Abdul Qadirbeing being sent to Estonia)…let’s NOT forget that Oman shares a common border with both Yemen and Saudi Arabia…and is a direct slap in the face to France because the islamic muslim terrorists who carried out the assassinations at Charlie Hebdo were financed, supported, and given their ‘marching orders’ by ‘al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’ (AQAP)…as in their being based in Yemen.

gitmoC nasir al-ansiIn fact, a recently released video by Nasr al-Ansi (see video here, a top al-Qaeda commander in Yemen, claims responsibility for the Charlie Hebdo attack and offers his congratulations to the Nation of Islam for the massacre that “soothed our pain.” Soothed their pain over ‘mo-toons’ (moniker courtesy of Pamela Geller) that irked their sensibilities for the magazine’s showing the truth about their pedophile ‘so-called’ prophet…soothed their pain because they consider France a member of the ‘party of Satan’…meaning aligned with the ‘Great Satan’ America.

And why did Obama do this now so close to the events in Paris and coming but six months or so after his infamous and highly contentious 5-for-1 Taliban trade for Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl? Why…simply put…this was his payback for the new Republican controlled Congress’ proposed legislation to block GITMO prisoner transfers for a minimum of two years…in other words until the 2016 elections. And know there are only 122 prisoners left from the 780 originally held at GITMO (the first arrived on January 11, 2002) with the most dangerous released on Obama’s watch…of course. And with another 54 Obama administration-cleared prisoners (with 47 of them being Yemeni) just counting off the days until they too are released…let it be known that these people are welcomed home as heroes and soon return to their terrorist ways.

gitmoE obama real terroristNice huh…and some still question where Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s allegiances truly lie.

And according to a House Armed Services Sub-Committee Report, under the Obama regime his portion of the to date 150+ Gitmo detainees released (30% of all detainees) most have been confirmed or suspected of re-engaging in terrorist or insurgent activities after their release, and know that most of these were deemed to be low-level threats by this administration. And sadly, thanks to all the cuts Obama has made to our intel community there is about a two and a half year delay between said person’s release and when U.S. Intelligence learns and verifies that the released individual has indeed returned to terrorism.

Guantanamo Bay Facility Continues To Serve As Detention Center For War DetaineesAnd now we have five more to worry about.

Based upon Obama’s 2008 campaign promise to close GITMO and fear that if he doesn’t it will have a negative affect on his legacy, Ian Moss, a spokesman for the U.S. State Department on Guantanamo said, “We are committed to closing the detention facility. That’s our goal and we are working toward that goal,” NEVER mind that events over the past year involving both al-Qaeda and ISIS would lead anyone with even one working brain cell to realize that now is NOT the time to continue with these releases. And to do so in light of last week’s attack in France and yesterday’s thankfully thwarted would have been attack in Belgium…an attack by a fully operational and heavily armed terrorist cell…is especially grievous.

NOT the time for someone who should be siding with America and the West to release them, but most definitely the time for someone whose allegiances lie with the enemy to release them…and so Barack HUSSEIN Obama did just that and promises he will soon release even more. And in light of Chuck Hagel’s resignation as Secretary of Defense…a man with mixed allegiances of his own but still a man who tried to slow down the releases out of fear that the freed detainees could become a security threat to American troops…Obama…NEVER a supporter of our military…is now running rampant with these releases NOT caring about the impact this will have on our troops…NOT caring that these releases could come back to haunt us here on American soil. And Obama is also relishing in the fact that his new Secretary of Defense nominee, Ashton B. Carter, is as liberal and unsupportive of our military as he is

gitmoH countries detainees released toReleasing these bast*rds while NOT caring that certain pre-set conditions had to met by the countries willing to take in these ‘transfers,’ America’s traitor-in-chief NO longer is waiting for security improvements to be made in Yemen that would help keep these persons out of that country…which as previously said is where most of the remaining prisoners are from. And he thinks he’s fooling us by transferring them to neighboring countries…countries with the same lax security as Yemen…countries who say they will deny them passports and will place them in rehabilitation programs for militants but NEVER seem to do so…making it easy for these individuals to cross said host country’s borders to return home to Yemen…to return home to join up once again with their terrorist buddies.

And we still have two more years of Barack HUSSEIN Obama releasing these dangerous people. Remember, this is the very man who released nuclear terrorist and Secretary General of the Taliban’s Intelligence Directorate, Mohammad Zahir, back to Afghanistan even though when he was captured he was in possession of uranium and ‘heavy water’ both used in making atomic bombs.

gitmoF faziAnd let’s NOT forget his infamous afore mentioned 5-for-1 trade where two of those he released, Mullah Mohammad Fazi, the Taliban army chief of staff, and Mullah Norullah Noori, senior Taliban military commander, are both wanted for war crimes by the U.N. for murdering thousands of Shiites
And know these are just the tip of the iceberg of those who have now returned to their terrorist ways.

So as Barack HUSSEIN Obama continues to embolden our enemy with these ‘so-called’ trades, U.S. designated terrorist group CAIR praises the American media…including FOX News…for NOT showing the latest Charlie Hebdo magazine cover as they cower in fear of rightfully criticizing the pedophile prophet mohammed…and the islamic muslim terrorists win yet again.

How sad for America…how sad for the world.

Priorities Overlooked


Priorities Overlooked

Fact: 148 people with 132 of them children were massacred by the Tehreek-e-Taliban at a military-run school in Peshawar, Pakistan, yet in his public statement about the incident Barack HUSSEIN Obama refused to refer to these barbarians as islamic terrorists.

fact1 rebels throw christians into ovensFact: Al-Qaeda backed Syrian rebels are, even as I write this, beheading Christians then burning their bodies in ovens and Obama NOT only continues to send our taxpayer dollars to them but says nary a word in opposition of said actions.

Fact: Cuba is still an officially designated State Sponsor of Terrorism yet Obama has now said he will normalize relations with the communist country including the easing of economic sanctions as well as opening an American Embassy in Havana.

Fact: The lives of black thugs matter to Obama while white police officers lives apparently do NOT as NOT a word of substance has come out of his mouth about the targeted assassination of two NYC non-black officers by a fellow black muslim brethren thug.

cops funeralFact: Obama’s true goal of his race-baiting and police-hating agenda appears to be the eventual implementing of a nationalized police force that would do away with NOT only county sheriffs but would consolidate all policing powers under the federal government…translation: under his personal control.

Fact: Obama traded five high-ranking Taliban commanders in exchange for the army deserter and traitor Bowe Bergdahl, whose very action in deserting directly led to the deaths of the eight U.S. military personnel who were sent out to look for him. Then upon his release Obama elevated him to the status of a returning POW so that he could resume his military career and receive more than $300k in back pay all while his parents…especially his Taliban sympathizing father…were given ‘red carpet’ treatment when invited to the White House.

Facts, facts…just a few of so many pesky little facts being ignored or given mere lip service to by the Obama-controlled media, but one fact that try as they might the media cannot hide is the fact that both their ‘anointed one’ himself and his administration are NOT friends nor supporters of our military. From cutting America’s defense budget, to tying our brave warriors hands so as NOT to kill too many of the brethren, to constantly apologizing for our military’s actions every chance he gets, now a new low has been sunk to as the U.S. Navy’s Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) will start an official investigation into the actions of Robert O’Neill, the ex-Navy SEAL Team 6 member who took-out 9/11 mastermind Osama bin-Laden.

And we can safely assume that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is behind it all.

fact4 man who shotChief Petty Officer Rob O’Neill…decorated 52 times, a man who served more than a dozen tours of duty in active combat in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and who participated in over 400 separate combat missions…is now being accused of talking too much about the classified operation against bin-Laden. Claiming his action violated the Navy SEAL Code of Silence…an unspoken military rule of sort that each SEAL agrees to regarding NOT discussing classified information in relation to their missions… this brave warrior…weeks after his having come forward to talk…is now all of a sudden NOT being heralded for taking out this islamic bast*rd but is being accused of revealing classified information to unauthorized persons…as in ‘We the People.’ But I must say that after having viewed the interviews he gave countless times…including the in-depth 2-hour FOX News special…I personally can find NO information that is critical to either our national defense or that might put those still in the war theater in danger especially when certain key details about the mission have been declassified after being leaked by high-level Obama administration officials right after the take-out was announced.

fact5 seal team 6And while it’s obvious to all that Navy officials are NOT happy with O’Neill for his speaking out about the raid conducted by 23 SEAL commandos and their interpreter just after midnight on the morning of May 2, 2011, there are now numerous rumors being circulated to the effect that O’Neill could face actual criminal prosecution for leaking secrets…but again…what secrets did he leak…as far as I can tell…none. And the only person throwing a wrench into O’Neill’s story is another ex-SEAL by the name of Matt Bissonnette, a man who claims it was he who actually killed bin-Laden. In fact, Bissonnette wrote a book…NO Easy Day…about his personal exploits as a SEAL and who himself is currently under investigation for his ‘supposed’ revealing in his book the technical aspects of special operations.

But you know what…who really cares if it was O’Neill, Bissonnette, or some other SEAL…who actually pulled the trigger and took-out that filthy stain on humanity known as Osama bin-Laden as long as it’s known that it was NOT Barack HUSSEIN Obama who killed bin-Laden NO matter how hard his narcissistic self wants the American public to credit him with the kill…for what should matter to all is that this stain was finally and permanently removed…period. And while we wonder if his death brings closure to the families knowing that their loved ones de-facto killer has been eliminated…that I do NOT know…but maybe for some it does, and I for one am more than happy that Osama bin-Laden is gone and can NEVER inflict anymore pain on America or Americans again.

But the bottom line in all this is what this administration focuses on…what this administration through media manipulation force-focuses our attention on…and that includes the Obama appointed military top-brass who he put in place after purging our military of its top officers. Wanting to bring charges against this brave Navy SEAL…bringing charges against one of own instead of focusing on those whose actions are acts of pure evil…this miserable excuse of a Commander-in-Chief and his equally miserable administration will do any and everything to throw those who wear our country’s uniform to the wolves…wolves who are either his muslim blood brethren or who are his socialist, communist, liberal brothers-in-arms.

fact7 use this one the interviewEither way America loses, but at least we can have a good laugh at the expense of both Barack HUSSEIN Obama and Sony Pictures losing focus and having a hissy fit over a hackers threat. First, and with much media fanfare, Obama butts in and forces Sony to acquiesces to said hackers cyber demands NOT to release a silly low-budget movie about the assassination of North Korea’s loony dictator Kim Jong-un…or else. And then after the public’s outcry over the stupidity of it all finally has Obama allowing Sony to release the film…The Interview…on Christmas Day as planned…once again proving that Obama’s priorities are screwed up and that he has NO clue as to the real issues and threats that face our country today.

Or scariest of all when you really think about it…Obama does know but just does NOT care at all.


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Pakistani School Massacre – The Obama Connection!!

By Craig Andresen – The National Patriot and Right Side Patriots on

pak 1We should cozy up to terrorists huh? We should empathize with them or offer to them some apology?


Only barbarians can empathize with such vile scum as terrorists and only liberal garbage could ever advocate getting cozy with the world’s diseased swine.

Cozy up to this liberals…

SPOON with THIS Hillary and the rest of the liberal makers of nice-nice…

The death toll, mostly of CHILDREN now stands at more than 140 after a massacre in a Pakistani school. A massacre carried out by terrorists…carried out by the Obama supported Taliban.

You know I do not believe in coincidences when it comes to the political or foreign policy world and I do not for one brief blink of an eye believe that this horrific mass murder was a coincidence in its timing.

Just barely a week ago, Obama ordered the release of 6 more GITMO terrorist prisoners…captured more than a decade ago in Afghanistan and in…PAKISTAN. He sent them to Uruguay where that country’s president stated that…“We have offered our hospitality for human beings who suffered an atrocious kidnapping in Guantanamo,” and further stated that those terrorists would be considered REFUGEES and that his government had NO INTENTION OF MONITORING THEM!!!

According to Clifford Sloan, a State Department’s special envoy in the Obama regime…