Short People are Racist

 Short People are Racist by Morgan Cushey

Scrolling through my news feed on Facebook, a daily habit of mine, I found a disturbing display of forcing the race card, like I had never seen before. My throat hurt from how hard Mrs. Obama was shoving her race card down it.

I came across an article in which Michelle Obama claims she was the victim of racism at one of her “highly publicized” Target store trips. First thing, why in the world is it such a big deal that you went shopping at Target. Are you trying to make a point like you’re one of us?

And that’s great if you were trying to show people that you are a normal woman who needs to go out to a place like Target to gather things for your family and home. I find that to be respectable, because you are a normal woman with an important job, like the rest of us.

But as a I read on, she told a story about how a woman approached her and asked if she could assist her in getting some detergent off of a higher shelf that she couldn’t reach. Sounds like a normal question asked by people in a store, correct?

I know during my trips to Walmart or Giant Eagle, I have been asked by people to help them lift something heavier into their cart or to reach onto a shelf for someone who had their arm in a sling or who was in a wheelchair.

And the people I have helped have been all races, ages, and backgrounds. I never once viewed it as a racist or prejudice encounter. But, maybe that’s just because I’m white and can’t experience racism and I’m also automatically racist anyway.

It was an innocent request, by a woman, who I think it’s safe to assume was white. It’s safe to assume the woman who asked for help was white, because Michelle Obama turned the incident into a race issue. She complained that woman didn’t recognize her, didn’t seem to know who she was.

Toned, strong, and rude

The woman probably saw your height and long muscled arms and thought you’d be the right woman for the job. I think it should’ve been taken as a compliment.

So, Mrs. Obama is implying that it was racist for the woman to view her as someone who could help her. I don’t think it’s a race thing Mrs. Obama, the woman was too short to reach the laundry soap, you were tall enough to reach it, so she asked for help. It’s pretty simple.

Your husband gives assistance and help to thousands of people everyday through welfare and other types of aid. He also signs off on aid to other countries and so on.

He makes decisions that cut or increase this help. Is it racist that those people depend on those things from your husband? Is it racist that they look to your husband as a man who will help them, a man who could CHANGE their lives and give them HOPE?

If you truly stood behind hope and change, you would’ve changed your attitude to give that woman the hope of clean laundry. But alas, you turned an opportunity to showcase your humanity and you turned it into a disgusting exaggeration of false racism, making an innocent woman feel guilty for asking for help, simply because you are black.

You know, the woman who you embarrassed was reportedly a supporter of you and your husband. She had no axe to grind, she probably voted for him.

We as human beings should help each other, regardless of race, height, class, etc. I think the bigger problem is that Michelle got her panties in a twist because the woman who needed some help didn’t have a star struck reaction to the fact that she is the first lady of the United States.

She didn’t ask you to bow down and call her “Master” while she stood on your back to grab the detergent. That would be racist; really, really racist. She asked you if you could reach the higher shelf and hand her some soap. If this women would’ve been anything but white, we wouldn’t have ever heard of this trip to Target.

We have celebritized politicians to the point where Michelle believes she should be greeted by screaming fans like she’s Justin Bieber at a concert full of thirteen year old girls. Hate to break it to you Michelle, you have your fans, but not everyone is going to wet their pants in excitement due to your presence, but it still doesn’t make them racist.

She used this story a while back to make a joke on a popular talk show, she used it as a joke, but now it’s just a big stick used to stoke the fiery rage that many people are already feeling when it comes to race in a America.

It wasn’t a race issue. It was an “omg she isn’t in shock and awe at my presidential status” issue. Get over yourself Michelle. The lady was too short to get detergent. She wasn’t trying to insult you because you are black. And I would guess you already know she wasn’t being racist, but you couldn’t pass up the opportunity to scramble up the story to create a whole different tale to serve your agenda.

There are people that face true racism everyday in this country and all over the world, and you basically spit on the insult and difficulty they face everyday by telling this bullshit sob story.

How dare you manipulate an innocent situation and undermine all of the REAL race issues we do have in this country. There is still a problem with race in this country and you twisting a simple and common human interaction disgusts me. you should be ashamed of yourself.

You’re only planting a seed into peoples’ heads. One that will grow and grow, big and tall as it is watered by your husband’s race baiting administration that if a white person asks you for help and you are black, they are racist. That is not true and it’s not going to solve the real problems we have in this country.

It will then blossom into more stereotypes and hateful feelings and we will be set back another hundred years when it comes to accepting each other as we are.

You should be doing something productive like speaking in communities or funding projects for young students if you want to help people or bring attention to race problems, not degrading a simple interaction between you and a woman buying detergent at Target.

Take those big arms and self-entitlement elsewhere

I’m kind of short Michelle, but I’ll keep in mind to never ask you to reach any detergent for me. I wouldn’t want to be used as a ruse for you to aggravate the already steaming race debates in this country.

Short People are Racist by Morgan Cushey

I'm a small town, southwestern PA girl, with a passion for politics and a love for my country.

About Morgan Cushey

I'm a small town, southwestern PA girl, with a passion for politics and a love for my country.

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  1. Thanks Morgan..some of the biggest hearts have been in the shortest people. I guess Michelle never learned that if you are looking for trouble…you just might find it. Even if its all in your own mind.

    • You’re welcome. I just think it’s terrible that someone could take such a simple situation and turn it into turmoil for their own gain.