Obama: Arizona…The Front Door is WIDE Open

Just afer the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) made its decision on the Arizona Immigration Law the Obama led Depart ment of Homeland Security (DHS) announced that it will no longer enforce FEDERAL immigration laws in Arizona. Well isn’t that a kick in the pants. The top executive in the Nation decided to NOT uphold the laws he has sworn to Support, Protect and Defend. So because the word ENFORCE is not in the oath of office he is doing “to the best of your ability” the job as President. The SCOTUS, at least part of the Court, didn’t think that the Nation’s chief executive would blatantly disregard the laws of the Nation. They probably never thought that just because you don’t agree with the laws that you can go out and instruct other officers of the government, who also took oaths similar to the Presidential oath, to look the other way and not enforce laws on the books. So effective 25 June 2012 the front door to the State of Arizona has been kicked wide open and the Federal government has declared war on the citizens of the State of Arizona.

Obama’s Immigration Policy

So when Arizona law enforcement officials have suspected immigration law violators they now can call NO ONE to check the status of that individual. The DHS policy change effectively hollowed out the SCOTUS decision handed down 25 Jun 2012. The only part of the Arizona law that was upheld be the court is now been kicked to the curb by President Obama and his minions in the

DHS. So just one more law that President Obama has declared null and void via executive fiat and the total disregard of the U.S. Constitution. You don’t think he’s still pandering for votes do you? So there you have it, the Executive Branch wins. The Legislative Branch looses. The Judicial Branch is laughed at and most of all the people of Arizona and the other 49 states are the biggest losers.

Oh where oh where has my 10th amendment gone… oh where oh where can it be?

Retired USAF MSgt, Owner Operator of Dryer Report. http://www.dryerreport.com

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Retired USAF MSgt, Owner Operator of Dryer Report. http://www.dryerreport.com