How Prepared Are You?

All the tea leaves read that the Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare) will be found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. No matter how the SCOTUS rules on Obamacare those for it and against it must be prepared to move towards a solution to the Healthcare issue in the United States. If the SCOTUS rules against Obamacare then those that champion that result must find a way to take any of the things found to be within the purview of the government in that overturned act must, indeed it’s imperative, that they make real and permanent improvements to the healthcare system. One sixth of the American economy has been floundering since the passage of the Affordable Healthcare Act and kick-starting this segment of the economy is just part of a recovery sorely missed the past 4 years.

Now we know what the Obama administration will do if Obamacare is upheld as constitutional. It will be full speed ahead and there will be little that the current Legislative Branch will be able to do about it.

That leaves the other scenario… it’s found unconstitutional now what does the Obama administration do? Will the President just lay down and accept the Courts decision and try to advance his cause, teaming up with the Congress to accomplish Healthcare system improvements.

If history is any indicator of future events then the chances that President Obama will quietly let this issue rest are slim. We all remember when the President chastised the Supreme Court during his State of the Union Address. This caused Justice Samuel Alito to famously say “that’s not true”.

So there is no love lost between the President and the SCOTUS.

Here are a few examples of President Obama not taking no for an answer and “going around” the legislative process. These are listed by Matthew Spalding from the Heritage Foundation;

“• Even though the Democrat-controlled Senate rejected the President’s cap-and-trade plan, his Environmental Protection Agency classified carbon dioxide, the compound that sustains vegetative life, as a pollutant so that it could regulate it under the Clean Air Act.
“• After the Employee Free Choice Act—designed to bolster labor unions’ dwindling membership rolls—was defeated by Congress, the National Labor Relations Board announced a rule that would implement ‘snap elections’ for union representation […] .
“• After an Internet regulation proposal failed to make it through Congress, the Federal Communications Commission announced that it would regulate the Web anyway, even despite a federal court’s ruling that it had no authority to do so.
“• Although Congress consistently has barred the Department of Education from getting involved in curriculum matters, the Administration has offered waivers for the No Child Left Behind law in exchange for states adopting national education standards, all without congressional authorization. […]
“• Since it objects to existing federal immigration laws, the Administration has decided to apply those laws selectively and actively prevent the state (like Arizona) from enforcing those laws themselves.
“• Rather than push Congress to repeal federal laws against marijuana use, the Department of Justice (DOJ) simply decided it would no longer enforce those laws.
“• DOJ also has announced that it would stop enforcing the Defense of Marriage Act or defending it from legal challenge rather than seeking legislative recourse.” [Matthew Spalding, The Foundry, June 22]

Will President Obama go quietly into that good night. Not hardly. He will go on the offensive and tell the American people that the SCOTUS is filled with activists and they are out of touch with the needs and wants of the people of America. He will vilify all who opposed Obamacare, as he has done already, and send out his surrogates to fill the sycophant media with distortions about the horrific healthcare outcomes because of the SCOTUS’s decision. He will attempt to create fear and division to try to win the day, while he will continue to issue more edicts from the Oval Office. He will have the HHS Secretary implement rules, which have the force of law, and will make it more difficult to weed out the changes to completely eradicate Obamacare from the American Healthcare system.

So be prepared… when the Supreme Court rules next week , the issue to improve America’s healthcare system and the all the challenges that are before us as a Nation will not be finished. In fact we’ll have just pushed the rewind button and it’s just like 2009 all over again. What a colossal waste of time and money of the American people for a failed signature policy of President Obama.

Retired USAF MSgt, Owner Operator of Dryer Report.

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Retired USAF MSgt, Owner Operator of Dryer Report.