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Jon Gruber is just the flavor of the day.


By Michael Smith

The three stooges of the Democrat Party, Pelosi, Reid and Obama have all lied and continue to do so. The media chooses to run cover for them and instead of addressing the lies and corruption, the rank and file of that Party close ranks around them.

And when polled, the general public expects politicians to deceitful.
But corruption is a choice, not an evolutionary certainty.

'Health Care Reform' by Jonathan GruberJon Gruber actually told the truth. His statements were reprehensible, but he opened a window to how the Democrats see America – and how they consider themselves America’s “best and brightest” – fit to rule.

I can’t think about them without thinking about something that Edmund Burke once wrote:

“Among a people generally corrupt, liberty cannot long exist.”

Pelosi, Reid and Obama are all proven liars – and not in a small way. Can you imagine what would happen if a corporation launched a product that had as much impact on human life as Obamacare does with all the lies and deception that they used to launch it with?

Fraud, false advertising, lies, legislative malpractice with malice aforethought. Obamacare is the Enron of governmental scams and people spent quite a bit of time in jail for Enron.

My grandfather had little formal education but was a very, very wise man. He used to say, “A liar condemns both himself and the lie and to accept the lie is to take part in it” – meaning that not only should the person who tells the lie be suspect, what he lied about is to be treated with suspicion as well and if you don’t stand up for the truth, you are part of the lie. This is the very reason that the American court system has rules of evidence and will not accept evidence, regardless of its accuracy, if it was collected illegally. The fruit of a poisonous tree poisons all. Convictions are thrown out for one bad piece of evidence.

Too bad this standard isn’t applied to our government.

I watch in anger as so many in the media and the political class simply refuse to call Obama a liar when he so clearly and objectively is. Any charge of lying is met with “That’s a pretty serious charge” or deflected with euphemisms like he “over suggested” or he just issued “incorrect promises”. When I hear those, I think about what my Granddaddy and Edmund Burke said.

The inability to call a lie a lie and hold the teller accountable for the lie is an example of a corrupt society…and there appears to be a significant percentage of our population who are comfortable with abetting such a corrupt society as long as they believe they can get something “free” at the expense of others.

There is little honor left in Washington that no members of the President’s party were willing to stand up to him until it was clear that his actions were conflicting with their sense of self-preservation in the 2014 mid-term elections. Several Democrat candidates embarrassed themselves by claiming that they weren’t Party stooges when their records say something quite differently. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana is still doing it.

Obamacare is a lie built, not on the single lie of, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Period”, but on a full foundation of lies about reduced cost of healthcare, the extent of coverage, the overall cost of the program to the taxpayer and its functionality. The Supreme Court abetted this lie by redefining the mandate to become a “tax” even though taxes cannot originate in the Senate, which this one did.


Democrats cheer as the President plans to rule by fiat, creating a constitutional crisis. We are on the verge of an executive amnesty for nearly 5 million illegal aliens.

Jonathan Gruber is but a symptom of the larger problem. The Democrat Party is elitist, deluded, corrupt and irredeemably totalitarian and they want to accumulate the power rule you by any means necessary.

One has to wonder if the reason that we are facing the loss of liberty is that we are now the “generally corrupt” people as described by Burke. Among a political party that is generally corrupt, the protection of liberty takes a back seat to a desire to rule.

Retired USAF MSgt, Owner Operator of Dryer Report. http://www.dryerreport.com

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Retired USAF MSgt, Owner Operator of Dryer Report. http://www.dryerreport.com