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A Chance

A Chance

A Chance A Chance, that is exactly what the Presidential election of 2016 gave America and the World.  A Chance. A Chance, to free the hard working taxpayers in America of that wildly unpopular legislation called the Affordable Care Act Continue reading A Chance

Who’s Whining, Its Not Trump

Obama Says Trump Whines

Who’s Whining, Its Not Trump Barack Obama speaking during the last State Dinner that he will host at the White House falsely accused Donald Trump of whining about the election process in America. What Mr. Trump is and has been Continue reading Who’s Whining, Its Not Trump

The Lost Air Force One

Air Force One...Columbine II

The Lost Air Force One The Very first Air Force One is, and has been for a very long time, in trouble.  It is need of some TLC and fortunately it is getting some of just that. You see the Continue reading The Lost Air Force One


Corporatism is fascism

Capitalism…Corporatism   What’s the difference?  Well the Bernie Sanders’ of the world won’t tell you there is a difference.  Bernie won’t tell you there is a difference between Capitalism and Corporatism.  How do I know…look at his supporters.  They think that Capitalism Continue reading Capitalism…Corporatism

Yes…They’re Out There

They're out there

Yes…They’re Out There Here is a short one for today. As some probably know there is a movement in the Nation to raise the “Minimum Wage” to $15.00 an hour. Yes the lower skilled workers in America can not live Continue reading Yes…They’re Out There

Draining the Swamp

Draining the swamp

Draining the swamp. It is long past time to make changes in Washington D.C. Our government has shown that it no longer works for the majority of the American people but it works for those who give campaign contributions and Continue reading Draining the Swamp

Our Way Of Life

Beach Life

Our Way Of Life We have seen these happenings before.  We are placed here in this time for a purpose and history will prove us as being leaders or sycophants.  We must understand that with over a billion Muslims in Continue reading Our Way Of Life